Allen’s Astrophysical Quantities

 Book w. online files/update,Inkl. CD-ROM
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Book w. online files/update,Inkl. CD-ROM
Arthur N. Cox
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261x185x40 mm

This new, fourth, edition of Allen's classic Astrophysical Quantities belongs on every astronomer's bookshelf. It has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date by a team of more than ninety internationally renowned astronomers and astrophysicists. While it follows the basic format of the original, this indispensable reference has grown to more than twice the size of the earlier editions to accommodate the great strides made in astronomy and astrophysics. It includes detailed tables of the most recent data on: - General constants and units - Atoms, molecules, and spectra - Observational astronomy at all wavelengths from radio to gamma-rays, and neutrinos - Planetary astronomy: Earth, planets and satellites, and solar system small bodies - The Sun, normal stars, and stars with special characteristics - Stellar populations - Cataclysmic and symbiotic variables, supernovae - Theoretical stellar evolution - Circumstellar and interstellar material - Star clusters, galaxies, quasars, and active galactic nuclei - Clusters and groups of galaxies - Cosmology. As well as much explanatory material and extensive and up-to-date bibliographies.
This thoroughly revised and updated new edition of Allen's classic "Astrophysical Quantities" belongs on every astronomer's bookshelf.
1) Introduction. Cox; 2)General Constants and Units. Cox; 3) Atoms and Molecules. Dappen; 4) Spectra. Cowley, et al; 5) Radiation. Keady & Kilcrease; 6) Radio and Microwave Astronomy. Hjellming; 7) Infrared Astronomy. Tokunaga; 8) Ultraviolet Astronomy. Teays; 9) X-Ray Astronomy. Seward; 10) Gamma-Ray and Neutrino Astronomy. Lingenfelter & Rothschild; 11) Earth. Schubert & Walterscheid; 12) Planets and Satellites. Tholen; 13) Solar System Small Bodies. Binzel, et al; 14) Sun. Livingston; 15) Normal Stars. Drilling & Landolt; 16) Stars with Special Characteristics. Fernie; 17) Cataclysmic and Symbiotic Variables. Sparks, et al.; 18) Supernovae. Wheeler & Bennetti; 19) Star Populations and the Solar Neighborhood. Gilmore & Zeilik; 20) Theoretical Stellar Evolution. Becker/Pensell/Cox; 21) Circumstellar and Interstellar Material. Mathis; 22) Star Clusters. Harris & Harris; 23) Milky Way Galaxies. Trimble; 24) Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei. Wilkes; 25) Clusters and Groups of Galaxies. Bahcall; 26) Cosmology. Scott, et al; 27) Incidental Tables. Fiala, et al.
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