Practical Software Testing: A Process-Oriented Approach

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Ilene Burnstein
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Springer Professional Computin

Based on the needs of the educational community, and the software professional, this book takes a unique approach to teaching software testing. It introduces testing concepts that are managerial, technical, and process oriented, using the Testing Maturity Model (TMM) as a guiding framework. The TMM levels and goals support a structured presentation of fundamental and advanced test-related concepts to the reader. In this context, the interrelationships between theoretical, technical, and managerial concepts become more apparent. In addition, relationships between the testing process, maturity goals, and such key players as managers, testers and client groups are introduced. Topics and features:- Process/engineering-oriented text
- Promotes the growth and value of software testing as a profession
- Introduces both technical and managerial aspects of testing in a clear and precise style
- Uses the TMM framework to introduce testing concepts in a systemmatic, evolutionary way to faciliate understanding
- Describes the role of testing tools and measurements, and how to integrate them into the testing process Graduate students and industry professionals will benefit from the book, which is designed for a graduate course in software testing, software quality assurance, or software validation and verification
A new, comprehensive text/reference addressing software testing, quality assurance, and validation and verification. The book offers a unique process orientation and will appeal to all advanced students, practitioners and professionals in software engineering and computer science.
* Introduction to testing as an engineering activity * Testing fundamentals * Defects, hypotheses, and tests * Strategies and methods for test case design I * Strategies and methods for test case design II * Levels of testing * Test goals, policies, plans and documentation * The test organization * Controlling, monitoring, evaluating and the testing process * Reviews as a testing activity * A measurement program to support product and process quality * Evaluating software quality-a quantitative approach * Defect analysis and prevention * The testers' workbench * Process control and optimization * The testing maturity model and test process assessment

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