Panoramic Vision: Sensors, Theory, and Applications

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O. Faugeras
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Monographs in Computer Science

This book features representative work in the design of panoramic image capturing systems, the theory involved in the imaging process, and applications that use panoramic images. This book allows the reader to understand the more technical aspects of panoramic vision, such as sensor design and imaging techniques. Researchers and students especially will find this book useful.
The contents allow the reader to understand the technical aspects of panoramic vision, such as sensor design and imaging techniques. There are important applications in robotics and computer vision.
Introduction * A historical perspective on panorama * Development of low-cost compact omnidirectional vision sensors * Single viewpoint catadioptric cameras * Epipolar Geometry of Central Panoramic Catadioptric Cameras * Folded catadioptric cameras * A Real-Time Panoramic Stereo Imaging System and its Applications * Panoramic imaging with horizontal stereo * Panoramic stereovision sensor * Calibration of the stereovision panoramic sensor * Matching linear stereoscopic images * * Characterization of Errors in Compositing Cylindrical Panoramic Images * Construction of panoramic image mosaics with global and local alignment * Self-calibration of zooming cameras from a single viewpoint * 360 x 360 mosaics: Regular and stereoscopic * Mosaicing with strips on adaptive manifolds * 3-D Environment Modeling from Multiple Cylindrical Panoramic Images * N-ocular stereo for real-time human tracking * Identifying and localizing robots with omnidirectional vision sensors * Video representation and manipulations using mosaics

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