Advancing Federal Sector Health Care

A Model for Technology Transfer
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Marion J. Ball
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This book focuses on todays attempts to reshape the federal healthcare system. The major strength of the text lies in its use of examples that show how process redesign and the integration of enabling technologies lead to performance improvement and cost reduction. The contributors draw upon their knowledge and experience of the federal healthcare industry. Rather than intending to provide readers with the correct answers the authors map out the various new approaches.
The major strength of this book is its use of concrete examples that show how process redesign and the integration of enabling technologies
have led to performance improvement and cost reduction in the largest
healthcare system in the world and how these approaches transfer
effectively to the private healthcare sector.
Foreword; Introduction; Section 1. The Emerging Federal Sector Healthcare Model; Chapter 1. The Longer View; Chapter 2. History and Evolution of Federally Supported Healthcare Information Systems; Chapter 3. Enhancing Private Bio-Medical Technology: The Role of Federal Programs; Chapter 4. The Parthenon Model in Military Medicine; Chapter 5. Power of Alignment: Technology Integration Board of Directors; Chapter 6. Redesigning the VHA's Delivery System; Chapter 7. Shaping Future Healthcare Professionals; Chapter 8. Performance Improvement in the TRICARE Delivery System; Chapter 9. Improving the Procurement Model; Chapter 10. IT Privatization and Outsourcing: A Model Approach; Section 2. Applying New Models for Improvements and Cost Containment; Chapter 11. Improving Provider Performance: An Integrated Approach and Case Study on Privileging and Credentialing; Chapter 12. Cost Containment: A New Approach and VA Case Study; Chapter 13. Data Quality Case Study; Chapter 14. Reengineering Care Management and Delivery; Chapter 15. Linking Financial and Utilization Data in a Large System; Section 3. Enabling Technologies; Chapter 16. Architecture: Building the Railroad; Chapter 17. E-Health: Future Implications; Chapter 18. The Future of the GCPR: A Hybrid Approach; Chapter 19. Improving Data Capture through Technology: Implications for Population Health and Bio-Warfare; Chapter 20. TeleHealth; Chapter 21. Potential addition: Advanced Diagnostic Technique: US Army; Chapter 22. Potential addition: CDC; Appendices: Congressional Mandates for Healthcare for 2000; GCPR Assessment Matrix; Privatization/Outsourcing Checklist; Contracting and Procurement Model - A new approach checklist.

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