Models of Neural Networks IV: Early Vision and Attention

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J. Leo Van Hemmen
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Physics of Neural Networks

This volume, with chapters by leading researchers in the field, is devoted to early vision and attention, that is, to the first stages of visual information processing. This state-of-the-art look at biological neural networks spans the many subfields, such as computational and experimental neuroscience; anatomy and physiology; visual information processing and scene segmentation; perception at illusory contours; control of visual attention; and paradigms for computing with spiking neurons.
With no effort we can scan a scene by directing our attention and gaze at specific objects, discerning them despite the background of other objects, contours, shadows, and changes in illumination. How all this can be done is discussed in this volume, which is devoted to early vision and attention, that is, to the first stages of visual information processing.
1. Neurons, Networks, and Cognition: An Introduction to Neural Modeling (J.A. Hertz) 2. The Gaze Control System (John Van Opstal) 3. Integrating Anatomy and Physiology of the Primary Visual Pathway: from LGN to Cortex (K. Funke, Z.F. Kisvárday, M. Volgushev, and F. Wörgötter) 4. Neural Principles of Preattentive Scene Segmentation: Hints from Cortical Recordings, Related Models, and Perception (R. Eckhorn) 5. Figure-Ground Segregation and Brightness Perception at Illusory Contours: A Neuronal Model (E. Peterhans, R. van der Zwan, B. Heider, F. Heitger) 6. Controlling the Focus of Visual Selective Attention (E. Niebur, L. Itti, C. Koch) 7. Activity-Gating Attentional Networks (J. Eggert, J.L. van Hemmen) 8. Timing and Counting Precision in the Blowfly Visual System (R. de Ruyter van Steveninck, W. Bialek) 9. Paradigms for Computing with Spiking Neurons (W. Maass)

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