A Primer of Ecology with R

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Ecology is more quantitative and theory-driven than ever before. This demystifying book combines an introduction to the major theoretical concepts in general ecology with a cutting edge Open Source tool, the R programming language.
This book provides an introduction to the use of R to model ecological populations and their interactions.
Single Species Populations.- Simple Density-independent Growth.- Density-independent Demography.- Density-dependent Growth.- Populations in Space.- Two-species Interactions.- Lotka-Volterra Interspecific Competition.- Enemy-Victim Interactions.- Special Topics.- An Introduction to Food Webs, and Lessons from Lotka-Volterra Models.- Multiple Basins of Attraction.- Competition, Colonization, and Temporal Niche Partitioning.- Community Composition and Diversity.
Provides simple explanations of the important concepts in population and community ecology.

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Autor: M. Henry Stevens
ISBN-13 :: 9780387898810
ISBN: 0387898816
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.07.2009
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Auflage 2009
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