Social Dimensions of Information and Communication Technology Policy: Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Human Choice and Computers

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Chrisanthi Avgerou
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282, IFIP Advances in Information a

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Human Choice and Computers held in Pretoria, South Africa.
Peer-reviewed and carefully selected
Human choice and ICT policy: Introduction to the HCC8 Conference proceedings.- Human choice and ICT policy: Introduction to the HCC8 Conference proceedings.- Communication, information, and ICT policy: Enabling research frameworks.- The shaping of national and international ICT policies and their effects.- The argumentative structure of spatial data infrastructure initiatives in America and Africa.- ICT policy as a governance domain: The case of Greece and the European Commission.- National variations of the information society: Evidence from the Greek case.- Technology, globalisation, and governance: Research perspectives and prospects.- Globalisation and national security issues for the state: Implications for national ICT policies.- Next generation ICT policy in South Africa: Towards a human development-based ICT policy.- Challenges of ICT policy for rural communities: A case study from South Africa.- Harnessing the empowering capacity and ICT.- Digital divides and the role of policy and regulation: a qualitative study.- Empowerment through ICT: A critical discourse analysis of the Egyptian ICT policy.- Egyptian women artisans: ICTs are not the entry to modern markets.- Institutional strategies towards improving health information systems (HIS) in Sub-Saharan Africa.- A human environmentalist approach to diffusion in ICT policies.- ICT and socio-economic development: A university's engagement in a rural community in Yola, Nigeria.- Lessons from a dropped ICT curriculum design project: A retrospective view.- The shaping of the institutions of the information society.- 15 years of ways of Internet governance: Towards a new agenda for action.- Governmental policies for ICT diffusion and leadership legitimacy in grassroots movements.- Examining trust in mobile banking transactions: The case of M-PESA in Kenya.- Social networks within filtered ICT networks: A case study of the growth of internet usage within Iran.- A no-IPR model as solution to reuse and understanding of information systems.- Measuring information societies: A critical study of the Infostate framework.- Open access barriers: An action research.- Panels.- Free and Open Source Software in low-income countries: Emergent properties?.- Evaluating "Connecting for Health": Policy implications of a UK mega-programme.- Gender research in Africa into ICTs for empowerment (GRACE).

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