Manufacturing and Service Enterprise with Risks
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Manufacturing and Service Enterprise with Risks

A Stochastic Management Approach
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Masayuki Matsui
612 g
241x160x22 mm
125, International Series in Operations Research & Management Science

The subject for this book is my life work on the enterprise modeling and integration by a stochastic/queuing form, and the book plan was conceived before my stay in the USA in 1996-97 as a visiting scholar. The rst title was "Stochastic Management and Design of Manufacturing Systems." The rst version was attempted in 2001; however, this version was inappropriate and was not revised till now. It is 40 years since I attempted a stochastic approach to manufacturing and management due to the limitations of statistical approaches. The century in which industrial engineering and management rose to the forefront was one in which a static/statistical approach was applied to the development of classical models and general/average theory. This book presents a stochastic management approach to the manufacturing and service enterprise with risks by a game/strategic view, and is based on many papers in production/queueing studies that have appeared in famous journals. The book's objective is to discuss and show the goals and constraints on manufacturing and service enterprises, and to provide a strategic/collaborative solution for management with risks in heterogeneity. This book mainly focuses on the three manufacturing classes: continuous, poi- wise, and exible stream types under risks. These manufacturing streams are rst studied using the respective stochastic processes, and are characterized and dev- oped as a queueing/strategic control problem of look-ahead/buffer, selection/swit- over, and arrangement/routings. Moreover, the behaviors of some design/control variables are shown and useful theories for design are established.
Prof. Matsui is extremely well-respected and well-known in his native Japan, a country known for its groundbreaking work in manufacturing initiatives
Management in the Age of Risk.- Stochastic Management Approach.- Risk Chains and Balancing.- Stochastic Management Model.- Management Cycle Model.- Limit-Cycle Model.- Management with Sales Risk.- Service Versus Manufacturing Model.- Stream Risk Processes.- Continuous Risk Stream.- Line Design with Stoppers.- Point-Wise Risk Processes.- Dynamic Type Strategy.- Flexible Risk Processes.- Flexible Cell System.- FAS with Generalized CSPSs.- Job/Customers Routing.- FMS/FAS and Optimal Routing.- Ellipse Management with Risks.- Assembly Enterprise.- Mixed Line Design with Look-Ahead.- NonAssembly Type.- Flexible Enterprise and Ellipse Strategy.- Demand and Supply Risk Chain.- 2MGM Chains and Balancing.- Make-or-Buy and Retail SCMs.- Manufacturing SCM.- Toyota Versus Dell Strategy.- Emerging Challenge.- Pair-Strategic Map Issues.- Summary and Remarks.- Stochastic Management Approach.

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