Innovation Policies, Business Creation and Economic Development: A Comparative Approach

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Neslihan Aydogan
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21, International Studies in Entre

It is now apparent to many scholars and practitioners that research and development activities and innovation are the pathways to sustainable economic growth. One also recognizes that delving into a topic as such is rather challenging as it is a multidimensional task. We have learned quite a bit on the innovation-growth relationship of the dev- oped countries based on the extensive research on the topic. However, we are yet to understand the very same process for the developing countries where the challenges are expected to be paramount. There obviously is few empirical and theoretical discussion on this topic. This book dares to provide a succinct discussion on a wide array of issues on the innovation and growth relationship for the developing countries. The book starts off by providing the reader with a promising - ternative to endogenous growth models that entails understanding the effect of variables, such as technological change on growth in cons- erable detail. The next step in the book involves a thorough analysis of economic growth models and how the investment climate affects innovationand entrepreneurship and hence economic growth. Against this background is examined the context of the telecommunications industry in Turkey. Following this, we delve into understanding the radical versusincremental innovationactivities,where itis argued that developing nations are more likely to engage in radical innovation, whereas developing nations are engaged in incremental innovation.
Showcases original empirical and theoretical research on the timely topic of entrepreneurship and economic growth
Growth and Innovation.- Solving Technological Change Model by Using Fractional Calculus.- Economic Growth, Entrepreneurship, and the Deployment of Technology.- The Relationship Between the Degree of Innovation and the Development Level of a Country.- The Role of Effective Protection of IP Rights on Economic Growth.- Variables Affecting Innovation-Related Competitiveness in Turkey.- The Meaning of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries.- Company Innovativeness and Growth.- The Phenomenology of Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.- Innovativeness: Is It a Function of the Leadership Style and the Value System of the Entrepreneur?.- Ankara Technology Development Zones Within the Context of Innovation Strategies in Turkey.- Innovation Ability of Small Firms in Turkish Industrial Clusters: Ankara-Ivedik Industrial Region Case.- Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Growth.- Innovation Strategies and Innovation Problems in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: An Empirical Study.- Innovation Policies in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Comparison Between European Union and Turkey.- Financing for Turkish Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: SMEs Restructuring, Business Plans, and Value-Adding Chains as Tools.- Innovation and Restructuring: The Conceptual Dilemma in the Continuous Process Improvement.- How to Address the Turkish Paradox of Innovation to Build a Competitive Economy?.

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