Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

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This Encyclopedia goes beyond other references in the field to offer concise and comprehensive coverage of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation in a single source, with more than fifteen hundred entries with linked cross-references and suggested readings.
Title is also available as part of a set: Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology (978-0-387-79949-0)
Assessment strategies.- Behavioral syndromes and disorders.- Biographies of leading professionals in the field.- Care systems.- Diagnosis and diagnostic labels.- Educational and vocational issues.- Accommodations. - Forensic issues.- General issues.- Imaging modalities and techniques.- -Medical issues.- Medications.- Movement disorders.- Neurological disorders and injuries.- Neurological syndromes.- Professional issues.- Rehabilitation interventions.- Test batteries.- Tests and assessment tools.
This encyclopedia serves as a unified, comprehensive reference for professionals involved in the diagnosis, evaluation, and rehabilitation of adult patients and children with neuropsychological disorders. It addresses psychological, psychosocial, and psychiatric aspects of an array of neurological disorders, emphasizing treatment and rehabilitation, not just assessment and diagnosis.
Editiert von: Jeffrey Kreutzer, John Deluca, Bruce Caplan
Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, Ph.D., is a Professor with appointments in the Departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry at Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia Campus in Richmond. Within the Department of PM&R, he serves as Director of Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology. With an active clinical practice, Dr. Kreutzer coordinates the delivery of psychological and neuropsychological services to both inpatients and outpatients who have a wide variety of neurological disabilities. Board certified in rehabilitation psychology, he has more than two decades of experience as a specialist in brain injury rehabilitation. Dr. Kreutzer is active in research and has co-authored more than 130 publications, most in the area of traumatic brain injury and rehabilitation. An Editor-In-Chief of the international journals, NeuroRehabilitation and Brain Injury, he has also served as co-editor or author of twelve books focused on vocational rehabilitation, community reintegration, behavior management, and cognitive rehabilitation.

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Autor: Jeffrey Kreutzer
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ISBN: 0387799494
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