Supply Chain Risk

A Handbook of Assessment, Management & Performance
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George A. Zsidisin
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124, International Series in Operations Research & Management Science

Risk is of fundamental importance in this era of the global economy. Supply chains must into account the uncertainty of demand. Moreover, the risk of uncertain demand can cut two ways: (1) there is the risk that unexpected demand will not be met on time, and the reverse problem (2) the risk that demand is over estimated and excessive inventory costs are incurred. There are other risks in unreliable vendors, delayed shipments, natural disasters, etc. In short, there are a host of strategic, tactical and operational risks to business supply chains. Supply Chain Risk: A Handbook of Assessment, Management, and Performance will focus on how to assess, evaluate, and control these various risks.
Presents the broadest coverage available on how to assess, evaluate, and control supply chain risks
Risk Analysis, Assessment and Tools.- Supply Chain Risk Management - Developments, Issues and Challenges.- Assessing the Vulnerability of Supply Chains.- Risk Management in Value Networks.- Predicting and Managing Supply Chain Risks.- Assessing Risks in Projects and Processes.- Risk Management System - A Conceptual Model.- Using Simulation to Investigate Supply Chain Disruptions.- Supply Chain Design and Risk.- Single Versus Multiple Sourcing: A Supply Risk Management Perspective.- The Role of Product Design in Global Supply Chain Risk Management.- How Much Flexibility Does It Take to Mitigate Supply Chain Risks?.- Supply Chain Risk Management.- Enterprise and Supply Risk Management.- Pre-Contract Risk in International PFI Projects.- Supply Chain Risk Management for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses.- Psychological Foundations of Supply Chain Risk Management.- Behavioural Risks in Supply Networks.- SCRM and Performance - Issues and Challenges.- Dominant Risks and Risk Management Practices in Supply Chains.- Supply Chain Security.- Food Supply Chain Security: Issues and Implications.- Supply Chain Security: A Dynamic Capabilities Approach.- Securing Global Food Distribution Networks.

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