Semantic Business Process Management

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Martin Hepp
235x178x mm
10, Semantic Web and Beyond

Semantic Business Process Management serves three main goals: (1) providing an up-to-date, scientifically correct, concise and self-contained reference on SBPM, covering relevant tasks, practical and theoretical challenges and limitations, methodologies, and available tooling support; (2) integrating the conceptual and technical challenges of using ontologies for managing business process spaces, with a business view on using ontologies, by stressing the cost dimension of ontology engineering and by providing guidance on how to derive ontologies semi-automatically from existing standards and specifications; and (3) disseminating experiences, lessons learned, and best practices on SBPM from a number of application domains.

An edited volume by distinguished leaders in the field, Semantic Business Process Management is designed as a reference for advanced-level students and researchers in computer science. Industry practitioners will also find this book useful.
The first one-stop reference on the state of the art in the field of SBPM
Contributions authored and edited by leading international experts in the field

Practitioners in this field, searching for a concise handbook on using ontologies for business management in real-world applications, will find this book very useful

Includes case studies, lessons learned and best practices
Preface.- Overview. Semantic Business Process Management: State of the Art, Business Potential, and Grand Challenges. The Business Process Life-cycle: When and How Can Ontologies Help?- Ontology Engineering. An Ontology Stack for Semantic Business Process Management. Process Modeling Ontologies. Management Level Ontologies. Process Log and Mining Ontologies.- Tools and Infrastructure. Design-Time Tools and Infrastructure. Execution Environments. Semantics for Business Process Analytics: Process Mining and Reverse Business Engineering.- Experiences and Use Cases. Use Case: Semantics-supported CRM in the Telecommunications Industry. Use Case: Compliance and Corporate Governance: How Can Ontologies Help? Use Case: Semantics-supported Reverse Business Engineering of ERP Installations. Use Case: Semantics-supported Software Engineering in Service-oriented Environments.- Conclusion and Outlook. Index.
This book covers the relevant tasks, practical and theoretical challenges and limitations, methodologies, and available tooling support of Semantic Business Process Management. It provides guidance on how to semi-automatically derive ontologies.

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