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High Speed Serdes Devices and Applications

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Kent Dramstad
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"The material provides the reader with an understanding of the features and functions typically found on HSS devices. It explains how these HSS devices are used in protocol applications and the analysis which must be performed to use such HSS devices. The book is an assimilation of various topics with a focus on what chip designers need to understand in order to design chips using HSS cores.
The reader is first introduced to the basic concepts and the resulting features and functions typical of HSS devices. HSS devices are used in the context of a protocol application. The reader is then introduced to the basic concepts used by protocols, and overviews are provided for several protocol standards in which HSS devices are commonly used. Additional chapters describe the features, functions, and considerations associated with designing and analyzing a reference clock distribution network, as well as testing HSS hardware, analyzing signal integrity, and analyzing power consumption. Finally, any HSS core is not complete without a set of design kit models to facilitate integration within the chip design, and special topics uniquely related to design kits for HSS cores are discussed in the final chapter."
"Serdes Concepts.- High Speed Serdes (HSS) Features and Functions.- HSS Architecture and Design.- Protocol Logic and Specifications.- Overview of Protocol Standards.- Reference Clocks.- Test and Diagnostics.- Signal Integrity.- Power Analysis.- Chip Integration."

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