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Cultural Competency Training in a Global Society

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International and Cultural Psychology
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"Cultural competence is more than an admirable goal: it is an essential skill set for mental health professionals working in a diverse global society marked by crisis and trauma. It is essential for clinicians to understand the intricate mix of history and self-concept, identity and tradition that are central not only for ameliorating psychological problems but to foster psychological health and well-being.
Introduction: Populations, Problems, and Resources in a Global Society.- The Human Face of Globalization.- Globalization: Psychological Problems and Social Needs.- National and International Professional Resources.- Introduction: Education and Training Perspectives in Transition.- Transitions Integrating Research and Practice.- Transitions in Psychotherapy, Clinical Diagnosis, and Assessment.- Transitions in Professional Training.- Introduction: Multicultural Education/Cultural Competency Training.- Research Foundations of Cultural Competency Training.- Striving for Cultural Competence: Moving Beyond Potential and Transforming the Helping Professions.- Cultural Competency Training in Professional Psychology.- Introduction: Using Professional Resources Effectively.- A Cultural Competency Training Model.

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