Cultural Competency Training in a Global Society

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Richard H. Dana
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International and Cultural Psychology

Cultural competence is more than an admirable goal: it is an essential skill set for mental health professionals working in a diverse global society marked by crisis and trauma. It is essential for clinicians to understand the intricate mix of history and self-concept, identity and tradition that are central not only for ameliorating psychological problems but to foster psychological health and well-being.
Editors are known experts on multicultural psychological services and assessment
Introduction: Populations, Problems, and Resources in a Global Society.- The Human Face of Globalization.- Globalization: Psychological Problems and Social Needs.- National and International Professional Resources.- Introduction: Education and Training Perspectives in Transition.- Transitions Integrating Research and Practice.- Transitions in Psychotherapy, Clinical Diagnosis, and Assessment.- Transitions in Professional Training.- Introduction: Multicultural Education/Cultural Competency Training.- Research Foundations of Cultural Competency Training.- Striving for Cultural Competence: Moving Beyond Potential and Transforming the Helping Professions.- Cultural Competency Training in Professional Psychology.- Introduction: Using Professional Resources Effectively.- A Cultural Competency Training Model.
Describing a training model for professional education and practice in the US with minority groups, indigenous populations, immigrants, and refugees, this book has relevance for other multicultural societies because the implications are international in scope.

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