Health Promotion Evaluation Practices in the Americas
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Health Promotion Evaluation Practices in the Americas

Values and Research
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Louise Potvin
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More and more, health promotion is a crucial component of public health, to the extent that public health interventions are called on to prove their effectiveness and appraised for scientific validity, a practice many in the field consider self-defeating. Health Promotion Evaluation Practices in the Americas cogently demonstrates that scientific rigor and the goals of health promotion are less in conflict than commonly thought, synthesizing multiple traditions from countries throughout North, Central, and South America (and across the developed-to-developing-world continuum) for a volume that is both diverse in scope and unified in purpose.
Chapter 1: Introduction.- Section 1: Health Promotion Evaluation in the Americas.Chapter 2: Health Promotion in the Americas: Divergent and Common Ground.-
Chapter 3: Practical Dilemmas for Health Promotion Evaluation.- Section 2: Issues in Health Promotion Evaluation: Fitting Evaluation Practice to Health Promotion.
Chapter 4: Developing Evaluation Questions: Beyond the Technical Issues.-
Chapter 5: There is More to Methodology than Method.-
Chapter 6: A Realist Approach to the Systematic Review.-
Chapter 7: From Knowledge to Action: Challenges and Opportunities for Increasing the Use of Evaluation in Health Promotion Policies and Practices.- Section 3: Aligning Evaluation with Health Promotion Principles: Experiences from the Americas.
Chapter 8: Figurative Thinking and Models: Tools for Participatory Evaluation.-
Chapter 9: Dilemmas in Health Promotion Evaluation: Participation and Empowerment.-
Chapter 10: Formative Evaluation and Community Empowerment among American Indian/ Alaska Natives.-
Chapter 11: Intersectoral Approaches to Health Promotion in Cities.-
Chapter 12: The Participatory Evaluation of Healthy Municipalities, Cities and Communities Initiatives in the Americas.-
Chapter 13: Evaluating Health Promotion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: An Integrated Local Development Project.-
Chapter 14: Multi-Strategy in the Evaluation of Health Promotion Community Interventions: an indicator of quality.-
Chapter 15: The Contribution of a Systematization Evaluative Approach to Implement a Health Promotion Project in Capela do Socorro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.-
Chapter 16: Issues in Evaluating Equity.-
Chapter 17: Context as a Fundamental Dimension of Health Promotion Evaluation.-
Chapter 18: Conclusion
Mary Hall - Ligia de Salazar - Laurie M. Anderson - Zulmira M.A. Hartz

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