Programming Languages

An Active Learning Approach
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Interactive text with projects for students to do outside of the classroom
Specifying Syntax.- Object#x002D;Oriented Programming with C#x002B;#x002B;.- Object#x002D;Oriented Programming with Ruby.- Functional Programming in Standard ML.- Language Implementation in Standard ML.- Logic Programming.- Formal Semantics.
Programming Languages: An Active Learning Approach introduces students to three programming paradigms: object-oriented/imperative languages using C++ and Ruby, functional languages using Standard ML, and logic programming using Prolog. This interactive textbook is intended to be used in and outside of class. Each chapter follows a pattern of presenting a topic followed by a practice exercise or exercises that encourage students to try what they have just read. This textbook is best-suited for students with a 2-3 course introduction to imperative programming.
Key Features: (1) Accessible structure guides the student through various programming languages. (2) Seamlessly integrated practice exercises. (3) Classroom-tested. (4) Online support materials.

Advance praise:
"The Programming Languages book market is overflowing with books, but none like this. In many ways, it is precisely the book I have been searching for to use in my own programming languages course. One of the main challenges I perpetually face is how to teach students to program in functional and logical languages, but also how to teach them about compilers. This book melds the two approaches very well." -- David Musicant, Carleton College

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Autor: Kent Lee
ISBN-13 :: 9780387794211
ISBN: 0387794212
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2008
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
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