The Motivational Impact of Nicotine and its Role in Tobacco Use

Nebraska Symposium on Motivation
Nebraska Symposium on Motivation
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More and more scientists are applying the concepts of motivation and related constructs to modify the behavior of drug-addicted and dependent people. Here, authors discuss effective 'translational' strategies for decreasing and preventing tobacco use.
Includes effective strategies for decreasing tobacco use and preventing initiation that uses a translational approach in which genetic, neurobiological, individual, and cultural factors motivating tobacco use and nicotine dependence are considered
Nicotine, Tobacco Use, and the 55th Nebraska Symposium on Motivation.- Synaptic Plasticity Within Midbrain Dopamine Centers Contributes to Nicotine Addiction.- Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Motivational Effects of Nicotine.- Targeting Reward-Relevant Nicotinic Receptors in the Discovery of Novel Pharmacotherapeutic Agents to Treat Tobacco Dependence.- Multiple Motivational Forces Contribute to Nicotine Dependence.- The Role of Nicotine in Smoking: A Dual-Reinforcement Model.- Altering the Motivational Function of Nicotine through Conditioning Processes.- New Findings on Nicotine Addiction and Treatment.- Sex Differences in Nicotine Reinforcement and Reward: Influences on the Persistence of Tobacco Smoking.- The Functional Significance of Craving in Nicotine Dependence.- The Motivational Impact of Nicotine and Its Role in Tobacco Use: Final Comments and Priorities.
The volume editorsfor this 55th volume of the Nebraska Symposiumon Motivation are Rick Bevins and Tony Caggiula. The volume editors coordinated the sym- sium that lead to this volume including selecting and inviting the contributors and coordinating all aspects of editing. My thanks go to the Rick and Tony and to our contributors for excellent presentations and chapters. This Symposium series is supported by funds provided by the Chancellor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Harvey Perlman, and by funds given in memory of Professor Harry K. Wolfe to the University of Nebraska Foundation by the late ProfessorCoraL.Friedline.We areextremelygratefulfortheChancellor'sgenerous support to the Symposium series and for the University of Nebraska Foundation's support via the Friedline bequest. This symposium volume, like those in the recent past, is dedicated to the memoryof Professor Wolfe, who broughtpsychologyto the University of Nebraska. After studying with Professor Wilhelm Wundt, Professor Wolfe returned to his native state, to establish the ?rst undergraduate laboratory in psychology in the nation. As a student at Nebraska, Professor Friedline studied psychology under Professor Wolfe.

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