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Mapping the Galaxy and Nearby Galaxies

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Keiichi Wada
Springer Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
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Readers with any kind of an interest in astronomy will find this work fascinating, detailing as it does the proceedings of the symposium of the same name held in Japan in 2006. The symposium focused on mapping the interstellar media and other components in galactic disks, bulges, halos, and central regions of galaxies. Thanks to recent progress in observations using radio interferometers and optical/infrared telescopes in ground and space, our knowledge on structures of our Galaxy and nearby galaxies has been growing for the last decade.
"This is a proceedings book of the symposium "Mapping the Galaxy and nearby Galaxies" held in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan, on June 25-30, 2006.
Basic Components of the Galaxy and Spiral Galaxies.- Atlas and Catalog of Dark Clouds Based on Digitized Sky Survey I.- New Views of Molecular Gas Distribution and Star Formation of the Southern Sky with NANTEN.- Mapping the Milky Way and the Local Group.- VERA Project.- Dynamics of Stars in the Inner Galactic Bulge Revealed from SiO Maser Surveys.- The Physics of Cold Gas in Galaxy Low Excitation Regions.- Secular Evolution of Disc Galaxies and of their Components.- Structure and Dynamics of the Old Galactic Components.- Galactic Magnetic Fields.- Global MHD Simulations of Galactic Gas Disks.- Numerical Modeling of the ISM in the Galactic Center and Disks.- The Warp and Spiral Arms of the Milky Way.- The Galactic Center and Central Region of Galaxies.- The Parkes Galactic Meridian Survey (PGMS).- Mapping Large-scale Magnetic Fields in Giant Molecular Clouds.- The Shapes and Supersonic Motions of Molecular Clouds.- Millimeter Dust Continuum Emission as a Tracer of Molecular Gas in Galaxies.- Mapping Circumnuclear Dust in Nearby Galaxies.- Star Formation in the Central Regions of Galaxies.- The Synchrotron Cut-off Frequency of Relativistic Electrons in the Radio Arc and their Acceleration Area.- The Origin of ?-drops: Mapping Stellar Kinematics and Populations in Spirals.- Star Formation and Molecular Gas in AGN.- AGN Feeding and AGN Feedback.- Suzaku Observations of the Galactic Center: The Origin of Highly Ionized Iron Lines.- Nuclear Spirals in Galaxies.- Nearby Galaxies.- Nobeyama CO Atlas of Nearby Spiral Galaxies.- CO-Line Rotation Curves, Deep Potential of Massive Cores, and High-density Molecular Nuclei.- Gas Kinematics from the Center to the Outer Disk.- Gas Flows and Bars in Galaxies.- Molecular Gas in the Andromeda Galaxy: Properties of the Molecular Clouds.- Atomic and Molecular Gas in Disk Galaxies.- The Outer Disks of Spiral Galaxies.- A Complete CO 2-1 Map of M51 with HERA.- Mapping of Nearby Galaxies in [CI] 370 ?m and CO (7?6) 371 ?m.- Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies.- Extragalactic Magnetic Fields.- Galactic Winds.- Galactic Evolution and Environment.- Ram Pressure Stripping in the Virgo Cluster.- From Nearby to High Redshift Compact Group of Galaxies.- The Cosmic Evolution Survey-COSMOS.- Dynamics of High-z Galaxies.- Coevolution and Downsizing of Supermassive Black Holes and Galactic Bulges.- Molecular Gas in the Early Universe.- Galaxy Evolution Viewed as Functions of Environment and Mass.- Structure of Galactic Dark Halos and Observational Prospects for Identifying the Nature of Dark Matter.- Poster Papers.- Star Formation Morphology in a Sample of Local Galaxies.- The External Zones of Spiral Galaxies: Truncations, No Truncations and Antitruncations.- Tracing Galaxy Evolution in the Field: the UV Emission in Shell Galaxies Mapped by GALEX.- Star Formation in Nearby Early-Type Galaxies: Mapping in UV, Optical, and CO.- The Effect of Cosmological Large-scale Structure on the Orientation of Galaxies.- A Physical Classification Scheme for Disk Galaxies.- Evolution of dE Galaxies in Abell 496.- Kinematics and Morphology of Peculiar Virgo Cluster Galaxies.- The Outskirts of Milky Way.- Seyferts in 3D: Probing the Kinematic Signatures of Gas Fueling.- Galaxies with Nested Bars: Constraining Their Formation Scenarios.- Determination of Pattern Speed and Star Formation Timescale in Nearby Spiral Galaxies.- Contribution of Gas-rich Low Surface Brightness Galaxies to the Local Universe.- New Catalogs of Radio Compact HII Regions in the Milky Way.- Revealing Cosmic Magnetism with the Square Kilometre Array.- Maps of the Galaxy in HI with GALFA.- TCS-CAIN: NIR Survey of the Galactic Plane.- Young Stellar Clusters in the Southern Spiral Arm of NGC 2997.- Gas Feeding to the Galactic Center Region within 10 pc in Our Galaxy.- Water Maser Sources in the Outer Galaxy.- Mapping Galactic Magnetism through Faraday Rotation of Polarized Extragalactic Sources.- H13CO+ and Thermal SiO Observations of G0.11-0.11; an Extremely Large Column Density Cloud.- A Possible Detection of CO (J = 3-2) Emission from the Host Galaxy of GRB980425 with the Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment.- Formation of the Comet Cloud by the Galactic Tide.- Radio-Far-Infrared Spectral Energy Distribution of Young Starbursts.- GMCs in the Nearby Galaxy IC 342.- Observations of H2O Maser Sources in Nearby Molecular Clouds with VERA.- A Systematic Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Nuclear Starbursts in Seyfert Galaxies - Implications for an an AGN Fueling Mechanism -.- Ultraviolet Colours and Dust Properties of Nearby Normal Galaxies.- Possible Detection of Outer Plasma Around AGN Jets.- Candidate Streams of the Galactic Globular Clusters.- Distances to Streams of High Velocity Clouds.- Atomic Carbon in the Southern Galactic Plane.- Delectability of Massive Tori in Proto-QSOs with ALMA.- Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in the Magellanic Clouds.- The Angstrom Project.- Mid-J CO Emissions from the Star Forming Complexes in the Milky Way and the Large Magellanic Cloud.- Dust Lanes and Starburst Rings in Barred-spiral Galaxies.- Molecular Gas and Star Formation in M83.- Mapping the Inner Boxy Bulge of the Milky Way.- Revealing the Three Dimensional Structure of the ISM in the Galaxy.- Effects of a Supermassive Black Hole Binary on a Nuclear Gas Disk.- The Distribution of Mira Variables in the Galactic Bulge.- Molecular Bubbles and Outflows in the Edge-on Starburst Galaxies M82 and NGC 2146.- The Star Formation Properties of HI Selected Galaxies from SINGG.- Dense Clouds and Star Formation on Spiral Arm in M33 -deep CO and HCN Observation in NGC604-.- Flux Variability of Sgr A *at Short Millimeter Wavelengths.- The Feedback Between the Starburst and the ISM in NGC1569.- CO(3-2) Wide Area Imaging of M 83 with ASTE: Correlation between CO(3-2)/CO(1-0) Ratios and Star Formation Efficiencies.- Kinematic Aging and Spectral Aging in Young Radio Galaxies.- A High-velocity [CI] Wing Emission Toward the M17 Molecular Cloud.- Evaporation of Tiny HI Clouds: Possible Probes of Physical State of the Galactic Gas Disk.- A Wide Survey in NH3 Lines of the Central 200 pc Around the Galactic Center with Kagoshima 6 Meter Radio Telescope.- Inclination Angle of the LMC Disk.- Three-Dimensional HI and H2 Gas Maps of the Milky Way Galaxy.- Radio Continuum and Water Vapor Maser Monitoring Toward the Luminous Infrared Galaxy NGC 6240.- Structure of the Galactic Bulge and Near Infrared Interstellar Extinction Law.- Si and Fe Depletion in Star-forming Regions Probed by Infrared Spectroscopy.- Simulations of Coevolving Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes.- Nuclear Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Nearby Early-type Spiral Galaxies.- Macrolens Toward the Galactic Center.- Barstrength and Circumnuclear Dust Structure.- Spatially-Dependent Metal Abundances in M82.- Anomalous Absorption Towards the Galactic Anticenter: A Blind Search for Dense Molecular Clouds.- Tidal Disruption of Dark Matter Halos Around Proto-globular Cluster.- NRO/CSO/ASTE Galactic Plane CO Survey.- Structure and Kinematics of CO (J=2-1) Emission in the Central Region of NGC 4258.- Stellar Populations in the Galactic Bulge.- Nearby Galaxy Imaging with WFGS2 and SIRIUS.- Radio Atlas of Supernova Remnant at 8.38 GHz.- HCN and HCO+ Imaging of the Antennae Galaxies: Distribution and Evolution of Dense Molecular Gas in a Colliding Galaxy System.- Kinematics of Molecular Gas in the Bar of Maffei 2.- A Subaru/Suprime-Cam Survey of the Andromeda Giant Stream: Constraints of the Dwarf Galaxy as the Stream's Progenitor.- Giant Molecular Association in Spiral Arms of M 31: Evidence for Dense Gas Formation via Spiral Shock Associated with Density Waves?.- SLUGS: Dust along the Hubble Sequence.- Beyond the Unified Theory: Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei Driven by Starburst Events.- Water-Vapor Maser Disk at the Nucleus of the Seyfert 2 IC 2560.- Structure, Evolution and Instability of a Self-gravitating Disk Subject to a Rapidly Rotating Bar.

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