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Authoritative Communities

The Scientific Case for Nurturing the Whole Child
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Kathleen Kovner Kline
5, Springer The Search Institute Series on Developmentally Attentive Community and Society
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This unique book offers insight into a new social science concept, authoritative communities. Unlike any other volume, Kline's work facilitates the continuing dialogue about the needs of children and teens and society's responsibility to nurture its greatest human capital. The report that led to the development of this volume, Hardwired to Connect, identified a need in today's children and youth and communicated a solution that society believes is valid.
"Authoritative Communities: The Scientific Case for Nurturing the Whole Child introduces innovative solutions based firmly in the children's mental health and resilience literature and in the hypothesis that humans are "hardwired to connect." These "authoritative communities" consist of such individuals and institutions as parents, teachers, coaches, elders, and a variety of organizations that are committed to each other's well-being over the long-term and who instill children with prosocial values such as empathy and compassion. Living within these communities enables children and youth to develop a consistent sense of purpose and meaning, so that they, in turn, are able to grow up to be responsible, productive, and nurturing adults.
Series Preface.- Editor's Preface.- Foreword.- Hardwired to Connect: The New Scientific Case of Authoritative Communities.- The Biochemistry of Family Commitment and Youth Competence: Lessons from Animal Models.- How Mother Nurture Helps Mother Nature: Scientific Evidence for the Protective Effect of Good Nurturing on Genetic Propensity Toward Anxiety and Alcohol Abuse.- Investing in Children and Society: What We Have Learned from Seven Decades of Attachment Research.- The Consolidation of Conscience in Adolescence.- Best Bets for Improving the Odds for Optimum Youth Development.- Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of the Healthy Person: Notes from the Founders of Modern Psychology and Psychiatry.- Hardwired for God: A Neuropscyhological Model for Developmental Spirituality.- A Tale of Two Religious Effects: Evidence for the Protective and Prosocial Impact of Organic Religion.- Focused on their Families: Religion, Parenting, & Child Well-Being.- Minding the Children with Mindfulness: A Buddhist Approach to Promoting Well-Being in Children.- The Psychobiology of Adolescence.- Elders and Sons.- Spirituality and Resilience in Adolescent Girls.- Promoting Well-Being among At-Risk Children: Restoring a Sense of Community and Support for Development.- Sex, Guns, and Rock 'n' Roll: The Influence of Media in Children's Lives.- The Civil Society Model: The Organic Approach to Building Character, Competence, and Conscience in Our Young People.- Caring and Character: How Close Parental Bonds Foster Character Development in Children.- Gather Around the Children.- Contributors.- Author Index.- Subject Index.

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