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The Aging Kidney in Health and Disease

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Juan F. Macías-Núñez
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This volume will be a reliable source on the management of the elderly with renal disease. There is an ever-increasing proportion of the aging population affected by renal disease and hypertension, and physicians are faced with atypical clinical presentations of renal disease in the aged as compared to younger people. This volume combines the fields of nephrology and geriatrics and presents a multidisciplinary approach to the topic.
Holistic Approach to the Geriatric Patient: Geriatric Evaluation.- Incidence of Renal Diseases in an Acute Geriatric Unit.- Anatomical Changes in the Aging Kidney.- Biology of the Aging Process and Its Clinical Consequences.- Physiology of the Healthy Aging Kidney.- The Mechanisms of Age-Associated Glomerular Sclerosis.- Endothelial Function in the Healthy Aged.- Renal Handling of Water and Electrolytes in the Old and Old-Old Healthy Aged.- Renal Handling of Uric Acid, Magnesium,Phosphorus, Calcium, and Acid Base in the Elderly.- Dysnatremias: Diagnosis and Treatment.- Hypertension in the Elderly.- The Renin-Angiotensin System and the Aging Process.- Prevention of Chronic Renal Diseases in the Elderly.- Obstructive Uropathy and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.- Urinary Tract Infection.- Incontinence in the Elderly.- The Diagnosis of Renal Diseases in Elderly Patients. What Role Is There for Biopsy?.- Diabetic Nephropathy.- Renal Cystic Disease in the Elderly.- Renal Vasculitis in the Elderly.- Acute Renal Failure in the Aged.- Multiorganic Dysfunction Syndrome in the Elderly Critically Ill Patient.- Etiology, Diagnosis, and Management of Chronic Renal Insufficiency in the Aged.- Substitutive Treatments of End-Stage Renal Diseases in the Elderly: Dialysis.- Substitutive Treatments of End-Stage Renal Diseases in the Elderly: Renal Transplantation.- Pharmacokinetics in the Geriatric Population.- Quality of Life in Elderly Patients with Renal Failure.- Ethical Dilemmas in Geriatric Uremia Therapy.

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