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The Neuropsychology of Attention

Originaltitel:The Neuropsychology of Attention
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Ronald A. Cohen
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It has been 15 years since the original publication of Neuropsychology of Attention. At the time of its publication, attention was a construct that had long been of theoretical interest in the field of psychology and was receiving increased research by cognitive scientists. Yet, attention was typically viewed as a nuisance variable; a factor that needed to be accounted for when assessing brain function, but of limited importance in its own right.
Part One: Foundations.- Chapter 1: Introduction.- Chapter 2:   Historical and Philosophical Antecedents.- Chapter 3: Cognitive Psychology of Attention.- Chapter 4:   Cognitive science of attention: Current concepts and approaches.- Chapter 5:    Intention, Response Selection, and Executive-Attention.- Chapter 6:   Focused and Sustained Attention.- Chapter 7: Behavioral Perspectives.- Chapter 8:  Orienting Response: Index of Attention.- Chapter 9:   Physiological Substrates of Attention.- Chapter 10: Neural Mechanisms of Attention.- Chapter 11: Models and Mechanisms of Attention.- Part II. Neuropsychology of Attention.- Chapter 12:   Disorders of Sensory Selective Attention.- Chapter 13:  Attention and the Frontal Cortex.- Chapter 14: Subcortical and Limbic Influences.- Chapter 15:  Attention Disturbances Associated with Neurological Disease.- Chapter 16: Medical Disorders and Behavioral Risk Factors.- Chapter 17:  Psychiatric Disturbances of Attention.- Chapter 18: Developmental Disorders.- Chapter 19:  Clinical Considerations: Assessment and Treatment.- Chapter 20: Neuropsychological Models of Attention Disturbance.- Part III.  Toward an Integrated Attentional Framework.- Chapter 21: Consciousness and Self-Directed Attention.- Chapter 22: Neural Constraints on Attention.- Chapter 23: Processing Speed and Attentional Resources.- Chapter 24:   Mutual Constraints of Memory and Attention.- Chapter 25: Spatial and Temporal Determinants of Attention.- Chapter 26: Neuroimaging of Attention.- Chapter 27: Computational Models for the Analysis of Attention.- Chapter 28: Neuropsychology of Attention: Synthesis.

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