The Neuropsychology of Attention

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Ronald A. Cohen
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It has been 15 years since the original publication of Neuropsychology of Attention. At the time of its publication, attention was a construct that had long been of theoretical interest in the field of psychology and was receiving increased research by cognitive scientists. Yet, attention was typically viewed as a nuisance variable; a factor that needed to be accounted for when assessing brain function, but of limited importance in its own right. There is a need for a new edition of this book within Neuropsychology to present an updated and integrated review of what is know about attention, the disorders that affect it, and approaches to its clinical assessment and treatment. Such a book will provide perspectives for experimental neuropsychological study of attention and also provide clinicians with insights on how to approach this neuropsychological domain.
Integrates current neuropsychological knowledge with research coming from cognitive and neuroscientific research
Part One: Foundations.- Chapter 1: Introduction.- Chapter 2:   Historical and Philosophical Antecedents.- Chapter 3: Cognitive Psychology of Attention.- Chapter 4:   Cognitive science of attention: Current concepts and approaches.- Chapter 5:    Intention, Response Selection, and Executive-Attention.- Chapter 6:   Focused and Sustained Attention.- Chapter 7: Behavioral Perspectives.- Chapter 8:  Orienting Response: Index of Attention.- Chapter 9:   Physiological Substrates of Attention.- Chapter 10: Neural Mechanisms of Attention.- Chapter 11: Models and Mechanisms of Attention.- Part II. Neuropsychology of Attention.- Chapter 12:   Disorders of Sensory Selective Attention.- Chapter 13:  Attention and the Frontal Cortex.- Chapter 14: Subcortical and Limbic Influences.- Chapter 15:  Attention Disturbances Associated with Neurological Disease.- Chapter 16: Medical Disorders and Behavioral Risk Factors.- Chapter 17:  Psychiatric Disturbances of Attention.- Chapter 18: Developmental Disorders.- Chapter 19:  Clinical Considerations: Assessment and Treatment.- Chapter 20: Neuropsychological Models of Attention Disturbance.- Part III.  Toward an Integrated Attentional Framework.- Chapter 21: Consciousness and Self-Directed Attention.- Chapter 22: Neural Constraints on Attention.- Chapter 23: Processing Speed and Attentional Resources.- Chapter 24:   Mutual Constraints of Memory and Attention.- Chapter 25: Spatial and Temporal Determinants of Attention.- Chapter 26: Neuroimaging of Attention.- Chapter 27: Computational Models for the Analysis of Attention.- Chapter 28: Neuropsychology of Attention: Synthesis.

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