Auditory Trauma, Protection and Repair

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Jochen Schacht
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31, Springer Handbook of Auditory Research

The past decade has brought great advances in our understanding of the mechanisms underlying auditory pathologies. This volume presents recent developments in research and their potential translation to the clinical setting. It brings together the basic and clinical sciences very nicely in that while most chapters are written by basic scientists, each topic has a pretty direct clinical application or implication.
Over the past decade, molecular biology and genetics have brought great advances to our understanding of the mechanisms underlying auditory pathologies. This book presents recent developments in auditory research and their potential applications in clinical settings. In particular, the authors address the major dynamics of peripheral auditory trauma, including the underlying mechanisms, consequences to the central nervous system, protective interventions, and the possibility of restoring cochlear morphology and function. Two themes run throughout the chapters, cellular homeostasis and cell death. The book is of interest to scientists, audiologists, and clinicians who want to build their understanding of the pathology and treatment of hearing disorders. It is also recommended for biomedical and neuroscience researchers who want to learn the latest in the genetics and molecular biology of sensory pathology in the auditory system.
Auditory Pathology: When Hearing is Out of Balance.- Genetics of Hearing Loss.- Cochlear Homeostasis and Homeostatic Disorders.- Tinnitus: Theories Mechanisms and Treatments.- Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease.- Age-Related Hearing Loss and Its Cellular and Molecular Bases.- Patterns and Mechanisms of Noise-Induced Cochlear Pathology.- Drug-Induced Hearing Loss.- Central Consequences of Cochlear Trauma.- Cell Death and Cochlear Protection.- Emerging Strategies for Restoring the Cochlea.

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