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Signal Processing for Image Enhancement and Multimedia Processing

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Ernesto Damiani
31, Springer Multimedia Systems and Applications
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This is an edited volume, written by well-recognized international researchers with extended chapter style versions of the best papers presented at the SITIS 2006 International Conference. This book presents the state-of-the-art and recent research results on the application of advanced signal processing techniques for improving the value of image and video data. It introduces new results on video coding on time-honored topic of securing image information. The book is designed for a professional audience composed of practitioners and researchers in industry. This book is also suitable for advanced-level students in computer science.
"Traditionally, signal processing techniques lay at the foundation of multimedia data processing and analysis. In the past few years, a new wave of advanced signal-processing techniques has delivered exciting results, increasing system's capabilities of efficiently exchanging image data and extracting useful knowledge.
Image Restoration, Filtering and Compression.- On-orbit Spatial Resolution Estimation of CBERS-2 Imaging System Using Ideal Edge Target.- Distributed Pre-Processed CA-CFAR Detection Structure for Non Gaussian Clutter Reduction.- Multispectral Satellite Images Processing through Dimensionality Reduction.- SAR Image Compression based on Wedgelet-Wavelet.- Texture Analysis and Feature Extraction.- 2 Texture Discrimination Using Hierarchical Complex Networks.- An Enhanced Detector of Blurred and Noisy Edges.- Face Recognition and Shape Analysis.- A3FD: Accurate 3D Face Detection.- Two dimensional discrete statistical shape models construction.- A New Distorted Circle Estimator using an Active Contours Approach.- Detection of Facial Feature Points Using Anthropometric Face Model.- Intramodal Palmprint Authentication.- Multimedia Processing.- An Implementation of Multiple Region-Of-Interest Models in H.264/AVC.- Rough Sets-Based Image Processing for Deinterlacing.- Content-Based Watermarking by Geometric Warping and Feature-Based Image Segmentation.- Hardware Based Steganalysis.- Esophageal speech enhancement using source synthesis and formant patterns modification.- Arbitrary Image Cloning.- AER Imaging.- Intersubband Reconstruction of Lost Low Frequency.- Coefficients in Wavelet Coded Images.- Index.

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