Color Atlas of Strabismus Surgery

Strategies and Techniques
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Kenneth W. Wright
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Color Atlas of Strabismus Surgery: Strategies and Techniques provides concise, comprehensive descriptions of surgical procedures by one of the world's leading experts.Pediatric ophthalmologists, ophthalmology residents and fellows, as well as general ophthalmologists, will find this atlas to be essential to their work.
It is calculated that 2.7% of children in the US are born with or develop strabismus (crossed eyes) in the early years of life. The incidence rates are similar in much of the developed world. While the condition only rarely leads to blindness, it can have long-term impacts on ocular health. Left untreated, one eye will eventually become dominant over the other, heightening the concern over injury or illness in the "good" eye. Strabismus can be treated therapeutically with eye patches, but the success rate isn't optimal. More often, surgical correction is the path chosen not only for cosmetic/social reasons but also because it is more medically effective. This book provides concise, comprehensive description of surgical procedures by one of the world's leading experts.
Amblyopia Treatment.- Principles of Strabismus Surgery.- Infantile Esotropia.- Acquired Esotropia.- Exotropia.- Complex Strabismus.- Cranial Nerve Palsies.- Section Two - Surgical Techniques.- Surgical Anatomy.- Basic Surgical Techniques - Do's and Don'ts.- Conjunctival incisions.- Limbal Rectus Muscle Recession.- Fornix Rectus Muscle Recession.- Rectus Muscle Tightening Procedures.- Adjustable Suture Techniques.- Topical Anesthesia Strabismus surgery.- Rectus Muscle Offsets and the Y-Split Procedure.- Rectus Muscle Transposition for Sixth Nerve Palsy.- Inferior Oblique Muscle Surgery.- Superior Oblique Weakening Procedures.- Superior Oblique Tightening Procedures.- Faden Operation (Posterior Fixation Suture).- Re-operation Techniques.- Appendix.- Surgical Numbers.- Anesthesia.- Postoperative Care.
Surgical correction is often the path chosen for correcting strabismus (crossed eyes). This book provides concise, comprehensive description of surgical procedures by one of the world's leading experts.

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