Biotechnological Applications of Photosynthetic Proteins
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Biotechnological Applications of Photosynthetic Proteins

Biochips, Biosensors and Biodevices
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Maria Teresa Giardi
486 g
239x159x19 mm
Biotechnology Intelligence Unit S.

Biotechnological Applications of Photosynthetic Proteins: Biochips, Biosensors and Biodevices provides an overview of the recent photosystem II research and the systems available for the bioassay of pollutants using biosensors that are based on the photochemical activity. The data presented in this book serves as a basis for the development of a commercial biosensor for use in rapid pre-screening analyses of photosystem II pollutants, minimising costly and time-consuming laboratory analyses.
Examines the development of biosensors, which represents a valuable step towards the advancement of pollutant monitoring in ecosystems
A Brief Story of Biosensor Technology.- Photosystem II.- Biogenesis and Structural Dynamics of the Photosystem II Complex.- Engineering the D1 Subunit of Photosystem II.- Chloroplast Genomics of Land Plants and Algae.- Comparison of the Immobilization Techniques for Photosystem II.- Comparison of Photosynthetic Organisms at Various Evolutionary Stages for Protein Biochips.- Signal Transduction Techniques for Photosynthetic Proteins.- Biotechnological and Computational Approaches for the Development of Biosensors.- The Problem of Herbicide Water Monitoring in Europe.- Application of Chloroplast D1 Protein in Biosensors for Monitoring Photosystem II-Inhibiting Herbicides.- Photosystem II-Based Biosensors for the Detection of Photosynthetic Herbicides.- Mimicking the Plastoquinone-Binding Pocket of Photosystem II Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers.- Photosystem II Biosensors for Heavy Metals Monitoring.- Development of Biosensors for the Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide.- Biodevices for Space Research.- Successes in the Development and Application of Innovative Techniques.

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