Chronic Disease Management
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Chronic Disease Management

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Jim Nuovo
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This book focuses on optimizing management and outcomes rather than on routine diagnosis of chronic disease. The reader learns proven methods for treating the most common chronic conditions that they see in daily practice. Chapters are structured to help physicians adopt evidence-based management techniques specific for each condition. Special emphasis is placed on the use of action plans and educational resources for promoting patient self-management.
This book is designed to help primary care clinicians and allied health professionals deal with the problem of caring for patients with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, congestive heart failure, and chronic pain. Each chapter focuses on the most common conditions seen in the office setting. They have also been structured to emphasize management and monitoring of chronic diseases.
Section 1, Background: Overview of Chronic Disease Managaement.- Self-Management in Chronic Illness.- The Use of Group Visits in the Treatment of the Chronically Ill.- Chronic Disease Care: Creating Practice Change.- Medication Management in Chronic Diseases.- Leveraging Cultural Expectations in Disease Management Programs: Diabetes Mellitus Section 2, Management of Specific Conditions: Type 2 Diabetes.- Asthma.- Heart Failure.- Osteoarthritis.- Obesity.- Depression.- Chronic Pain

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