Globalization, Philanthropy, and Civil Society

Toward a New Political Culture in the Twenty-First Century
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Globalization is perhaps the most extensively discussed topic in contemporary academic literature and mass media. Many philanthropic organizations work on a global level and have been participants in the spread of globalization. This book specifically deals with the role of philanthropy in past and present globalizations, and the contributors explore the scope and degree of the relationships between globalization, philanthropy and civil society and demonstrate the relationships empirically and theoretically. Unlike most existing publications on globalization, this volume examines complex and diverse links between philanthropy, civil society and globalization as a single theme that goes beyond standard economic interpretations.
Introduction: Structure and Process of Global Integration.- History and Globalization: Definitions and Conceptual Issues.- Global History and Globalization.- How to Approach Global Present, Local Pasts and Canon of the Globe.- Philanthropy and Globalization During the Cold War Era.- The Role of American Philanthropic Foundations in India's Road to Globalization.- The Rockefeller Blueprint for Post-War U.S.: Japan Cultural Relations and the Evolution of Japan's Civil Sector.- Philanthropic Foundations and Civil Society in a Globalized World.- American Foundations and Overseas Funding: New Challenges in the Era of Globalization.- Foundations in Europe: Roles and Policy Scenarios in an Age of Globalization.- Globalization and Civil Society Sector.- Globalization and the Third Sector: The Canadian Experience.- Global Integration, Culture and Technology.- Beyond Homogenization versus Heterogenization: Difference and Culture in Globalization.- Risk, Reflexive Modernity and the Unbinding of Politics: Agricultural Biotechnology in a Globalized World.
Examines complex and diverse links between philanthropy, civil society and globalization as a single theme that goes beyond standard economic interpretations
Has the potential to generate interest among a wider audience of academics, public policy makers and administrators in the field of philanthropy, civil society and globalization

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