Passing the General Surgery Oral Board Exam

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Marc A. Neff
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This book fills a key need for residents studying for the General Surgery Oral Board Exam. Since it is written by a candidate who developed his own strategy for effectively preparing for this exam, after failing on his first attempt, the book presents a realistic approach for preparation. Although he spent considerable time studying, Dr. Neff still found himself under prepared for the examination; therefore, in his book, he focuses on the fact that merely completing review courses, flashcards, and a variety of texts is simply not enough. The book offers students a source of information explaining what the "wrong" answers are and prepares them for whatever curveballs likely to be thrown their way.
Organizational Theme * General Malignancy Theme * Breast * Colon and Small Bowel * Endocrine * ENT * Esophagus * Genitourinary * Hepatobiliary * Pancreas * Pediatric Surgery * Perioperative Care * Skin and Soft Tissue * Stomach and Duodenum * Thoracic * Trauma and Critical Care * Vascular
This book presents a realistic approach to preparing for the exam.
Provides tips on identifiying the wrong answers.

Dr. Neff provides one proven sucessful strategy to preparing for the entire exam; competition offers a variety of approaches, giving little credibility to any single one.

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