Privacy and Technologies of Identity
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Privacy and Technologies of Identity

A Cross-Disciplinary Conversation
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Katherine Strandburg
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Addresses a wide range of issues at the cross-section of privacy and technology
Introductory Issues in Privacy and Technology.- The Digital Person and the Future of Privacy.- Privacy and Rationality.- Social Norms, Self Control, and Privacy in the Online World.- Privacy Implications of RFID and Location Tracking.- Rfid Privacy.- Geolocation and Locational Privacy.- Privacy Inalienability and Personal Data Chips.- Privacy Implications of Biometric Technologies.- Biometrics.- Biometrics: Applications, Challenges and the Future.- Constructing Policy.- Finding Waldo.- Privacy Implications of Data Mining and Targeted Marketing.- Data Mining and Privacy: An Overview.- Online Privacy, Tailoring, and Persuasion.- Data Mining and Attention Consumption.- Is Privacy Regulation the Environmental Law of the Information Age?.- Document Sanitization in the Age of Data Mining.- Implications of Technology for Anonymity and Identification.- Nymity, P2P & Isps.- Fourth Amendment Limits on National Identity Cards.- Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine.- Hidden-Web Privacy Preservation Surfing (Hi-Wepps) Model.- Global Disclosure Risk for Microdata with Continuous Attributes.
Privacy and Technologies of Identity: A Cross-Disciplinary Conversation provides an overview of ways in which technological changes raise privacy concerns. It then addresses four major areas of technology: RFID and location tracking technology; biometric technology, data mining; and issues with anonymity and authentication of identity. Many of the chapters are written with the non-specialist in mind, seeking to educate a diverse audience on the "basics" of the technology and the law and to point out the promise and perils of each technology for privacy. The material in this book provides an interface between legal and policy approaches to privacy and technologies that either threaten or enhance privacy.

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