General Relativity

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Iosif B. Khriplovich
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The book is based on the course on general relativity given regularly at the Physics Department of Novosibirsk University. The course, lasting for one semester, consists of 32 hours of lectures and 32 hours of tutorials, plus ho- work of 10 - 12 problems. The exam is passed by 30 - 35 students. The results of the homework and exam give good reasons to believe that at least 20 - 25 of these students really digest the subject. The course requires of students the knowledge of analytical mechanics and classical electrodynamics, including special relativity. Only chapters 7 and 10 of the book are in this respect exceptions: the acquaintance with the notion of spin is useful for studying chapter 7, the fundamentals of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics are necessary for the last chapter. But these parts of thebookcanbeskippedwithoutanylossforunderstandingallotherchapters. The book (as well as the course itself) is in?uenced essentially by the monographbyL.D.LandauandE.M.Lifshitz,TheClassicalTheoryofFields, (Butterworth - Heinemann, 1975). However, I strived to make the exposition as close as possible to a common university course of physics, to make it accessible not only for theorists.
This textbook is an alternative to the standard Landau & Lifshitz treatment (in The Classical Theory of Fields), offering a more detailed discussion of specific general relativistic effects. It is intended for a broad readership of advanced theoretical students and researchers, rather than prospective specialists in General Relativity. Topics include gravitational lensing, the signal retardation in the gravitational field of the sun, the Reissner-Nordstrem solution, some spin effects, the resonance transformation of an electromagnetic wave into a gravitational one, and the entropy and temperature of black holes.
Particle in Gravitational Field.- Fundamentals of Riemann Geometry.- Einstein Equations.- Weak Field. Observable Effects.- Variational Principle. Exact Solutions.- Interaction of Spin with Gravitational Field.- Gravitational Waves.- General Relativity and Cosmology.- Are Black Holes Really Black?.

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