Light Scattering and Nanoscale Surface Roughness
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Light Scattering and Nanoscale Surface Roughness

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Alexei A. Maradudin
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Nanostructure Science and Technology

This book covers both experimental and theoretical aspects of nanoscale light scattering and surface roughness. Topics include: spherical particles located on a substrate; surface and buried interface roughness; surface roughness of polymer thin films; magnetic and thermal fluctuations at planar surfaces; speckle patterns; scattering of electromagnetic waves from a metal; multiple wavelength light scattering; nanoroughness standards.
Covers both experimental and theoretical aspects of nanoscale light scattering and surface roughness
Characterization of Surface Roughness.- The Kirchhoff and Related Approximations.- Scattering and the Spatial Frequency Representation.- Rayleigh Hypothesis.- Small-Amplitude Perturbation Theory for One-Dimensionally Rough Surfaces.- Small-Amplitude Perturbation Theory for Two-Dimensional Surfaces.- Computer Simulations of Rough Surface Scattering.- Overview of Rough Surface Scattering.- Experimental Studies of Scattering from Weakly Rough Metal Surfaces.- Measuring Interfacial Roughness by Polarized Optical Scattering.- Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from Nanostructured, Self-Affine Fractal Surfaces: Near-Field Enhancements.- Light Scattering by Particles on Substrates. Theory and Experiments.- Multiple Scattering of Waves by Random Distribution of Particles for Applications in Light Scattering by Metal Nanoparticles.- Multiple-Scattering Effects in Angular Intensity Correlation Functions.- Speckle Pattern in the Near Field.- Inverse Problems in Optical Scattering.- The Design of Randomly Rough Surfaces That Scatter Waves in a Specified Manner.

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