BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology

Volume II: Micro/Nano Technologies for Genomics and Proteomics
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Michael Heller
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Thesevisionswillbecomereality.Thecontributionsfromtheworldsofsmall-scalete- nologies are required to realize them. Invaluable progress towards them was recorded by the very scientists that have joined forces to accomplish the effort presented in this 4-volume collection. It has been a great privilege for me to be at their service, and at the service of the readership, in aiding with its assembly. May I take this oppor- nity to express my gratitude to all of the contributing Chapter Authors, for their - spired and thorough work. For many of them, writing about the history of their s- cialty?eldsofBioMEMSandBiomedicalNanotechnologyhasreallybeenreportingabout their personal, individual adventures through scienti?c discovery and innovation-a sort xxii FOREWORD of family album, with equations, diagrams, bibliographies and charts replacing Holiday pictures....
Title is also available as part of a set: BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology (978-0-387-25561-3)
Part I. Application of Microarray Technologies: Electronic Microarray Technology and Applications in Genomics and Proteomics.- Gene Expression Profiling Utilizing Microarray Technology and RT-PCR.- Microarray and Fluidic Chip for Extracellular Sensing.- Cell Physiometry Tools Based on Dielectrophoresis.- Hitting the Spot:The Promise of Protein Microarrays.- Use of Electric Field Array Devices for Assisted Assembly of DNA Nanocomponents and Other Nanofabrication Applications.- Peptide Arrays in Proteomics and Drug Discovery.- From One-bead One-compound Combinatorial Libraries to Chemical Microarrays.- Part II. Advanced Microfluidic Devices and Human Genome Project.- Plastic Microfluidic Devices for DNA and Protein Analyses.- Centrifuge Based Fluidic Platforms.- Sequencing the human genome: A historical perspective on challenges for systems integration.- Part III. Nanoprobes for Imaging, Sensing and Therapy.- Hairpin Nanoprobes for Gene Detection.- Fluorescent Lanthanide Labels with Time-resolved Fluorometry in DNA Analysis.- Role of SNPs and Haplotypes in Human Disease and Drug Development.- Control of Biomolecular Activity by Nanoparticle Antennas.- Sequence-dependent Rigidity of DNA: Influence on DNA-protein interactions and DNA in Nanochannels.- Engineered Ribozymes: Efficient Tools for Molecular Gene Therapy and Gene Discovery.

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