Performance Evaluation and Planning Methods for the Next Generation Internet
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Performance Evaluation and Planning Methods for the Next Generation Internet

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André Girard
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Gerad 25th Anniversary

GERAD celebrates this year its 25th anniversary. The Center was created in 1980 by a small group of professors and researchers of HEC Montreal, McGill University and of the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. GERAD's activities achieved sufficient scope to justify its conversion in June 1988 into a Joint Research Centre of HEC Montreal, the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and McGill University. In 1996, the U- versite du Quebec a Montreal joined these three institutions. GERAD has fifty members (professors), more than twenty research associates and post doctoral students and more than two hundreds master and Ph.D. students. GERAD is a multi-university center and a vital forum for the devel- ment of operations research. Its mission is defined around the following four complementarily objectives: . The original and expert contribution to all research fields in GERAD's area of expertise; . The dissemination of research results in the best scientific outlets as well as in the society in general; . The training of graduate students and post doctoral researchers; . The contribution to the economic community by solving important problems and providing transferable tools.
Edited by internationally respected researchers in telecommunications, this volume presents a current analysis of the problems faced by the next generation of the internet. The book introduces new models that will lead to better internet performance, focusing on methods of guaranteed performance with careful planning and design of IP networks.
Foreword.- Avant-propos.- Contributing Authors.- Preface.- Design of IP Networks with End-to-End Performance Guarantees.- Design of IP Virtual Private Networks under End-to-end QoS Constraints.- Design of Protected Working Capacity Envelopes Based on p-Cycles: An alternative framework for survivable automated lightpath provisioning.- Network Traffic Engineering with Varied Levels of Protection in the Next Generation Internet.- Balancing Traffic Flows in Resilient Packet Rings.- Game-Theoretic Resource Pricing for the Next Generation Internet.- Advanced Methods for the Estimation of the Origin Destination Traffic Matrix.- Energy and Cost Optimizations in Wireless Sensor Networks: A survey.- Duality-Based TCP Congestion Control with Error Analysis.- Fast Algorithmic Solutions to Multi-Dimensional Birth-Death Processes with Applications to Telecommunication Systems.- A New Paradigm for On-Line Management of Communication Networks with Multiplicative Feedback Control.- Comparing Locality of Reference - Some Folk Theorems for the Miss Rate and the Output of Caches.

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