Hardware Verification with C++: A Practitioner S Handbook
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Hardware Verification with C++: A Practitioner S Handbook

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Mike Mintz
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Describes a small verification library with a concentration on user adaptability such as re-useable components, portable Intellectual Property, and co-verification.
Written for both new and experienced verification engineers, Hardware Verification with C++: A Practitioner's Handbook takes a street-smart look at verification of large designs, tackling Object Oriented Programming using C++ from a verification perspective. Special consideration is given to verification of third party IP. The book offers numerous examples of C++ classes and techniques. In addition, this book describes TEAL, a C/C++ Test Environment Abstraction Layer. It is intended for verification engineers who use TEAL. Engineers perform verification in order to minimize the probability of hardware functional errors, ensure that the hardware meets performance requirements, and ensure that the hardware is usable by software. TEAL aids in this endeavor by providing a set of capabilities that access HDL signals and enable actions based on changes in the values of these signals. In addition, it encourages independent generators, transactors, and checkers by providing for management of independent user created threads.
C++ and Verification (The Why and How).- Why C++?.- OOP, C++, and Verification.- A Layered Approach.- An Open-Source Environment with C++.- Teal Basics.- Truss: A Standard Verification Framework.- Truss Flow.- Truss Example.- Using OOP for Verification(Best Practices).- Thinking OOP.- Designing with OOP.- OOP Classes.- OOP Connections.- Coding OOP.- Examples (Putting It All Together).- Block Level Testing.- Chip Level Testing.- Things to Remember.

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