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Public goods, environmental externalities and fiscal competition

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"The twenty-two papers collected in this volume illustrate the itinerary of Henry Tulkens, an applied theorist, on the occasion of his retirement from teaching.
Dynamic processes for public goods.- Surplus-sharing local games in dynamic exchange processes.- Exchange processes, the core and competitive allocations.- Commodity exchanges as gradient processes.- An economic model of international negotiations relating to transfrontier pollution.- Theoretical foundations of negotiations and cost sharing in transfrontier pollution problems.- The acid rain game as a resource allocation process, with application to negotiations between Finland, Russia and Estonia.- The core of an economy with multilateral environmental externalities.- A core-theoretic solution for the design of cooperative agreements on transfrontier pollution.- The Kyoto Protocol.- Simulating coalitionally stable burden sharing agreements for the climate change problem.- Transfers to sustain dynamic core-theoretic cooperation in international stock pollutant control.- Measuring labor-efficiency in post offices.- On FDH efficiency analysis.- Assessing and explaining the performance of public enterprises.- Non-frontier measures of efficiency, progress and regress for time series data.- Nonparametric efficiency, progress and regress measures for panel data.- Efficiency Dominance Analysis.- Commodity tax competition between member states of a federation.- On Pareto improving commodity tax changes under fiscal competition.- Optimality properties of alternative systems of taxation of foreign capital income.- Tax interaction dynamics among Belgian municipalities 1984-1997.

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