Public Goods, Environmental Externalities and Fiscal Competition
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Public Goods, Environmental Externalities and Fiscal Competition

Selected Papers on Competition, Efficiency, and Cooperation in Public Economics by Henry Tulkens, Academic/professional/technical: Research and professional
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The 22 papers in this volume illustrate the itinerary of Henry Tulkens on the occasion of his retirement from teaching. The volume presents contemporary analysis of Tulkens' classic papers on public sector economics. The collection is structured in four parts: I. Decentralized resource allocation processes for public and private goods - II. Environment, public goods and externalities - III. Efficiency analysis - IV. Fiscal competition and optimality.
Presents contemporary analysis of economist Henry Tulkens' classic papers on public sector economics
Dynamic processes for public goods.- Surplus-sharing local games in dynamic exchange processes.- Exchange processes, the core and competitive allocations.- Commodity exchanges as gradient processes.- An economic model of international negotiations relating to transfrontier pollution.- Theoretical foundations of negotiations and cost sharing in transfrontier pollution problems.- The acid rain game as a resource allocation process, with application to negotiations between Finland, Russia and Estonia.- The core of an economy with multilateral environmental externalities.- A core-theoretic solution for the design of cooperative agreements on transfrontier pollution.- The Kyoto Protocol.- Simulating coalitionally stable burden sharing agreements for the climate change problem.- Transfers to sustain dynamic core-theoretic cooperation in international stock pollutant control.- Measuring labor-efficiency in post offices.- On FDH efficiency analysis.- Assessing and explaining the performance of public enterprises.- Non-frontier measures of efficiency, progress and regress for time series data.- Nonparametric efficiency, progress and regress measures for panel data.- Efficiency Dominance Analysis.- Commodity tax competition between member states of a federation.- On Pareto improving commodity tax changes under fiscal competition.- Optimality properties of alternative systems of taxation of foreign capital income.- Tax interaction dynamics among Belgian municipalities 1984-1997.

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