Asia's Debt Capital Markets

Prospects and Strategies for Development, Academic/professional/technical: Research and professional
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Douglas W. Arner
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6, The Milken Institute Series on Financial Innovation and Economic Growth

Not only provides up-to-date data regarding the current condition of Asian bond markets, it provides an assessment of the outlook of bond markets in Asia, draws conclusions and provides a blueprint for development for policymakers and discusses emerging investment opportunities in the field
Asia's Debt Capital Markets: Opportunities and Prospects.- Opportunities and Challenges in Asian Bond Markets.- Developing Asian Bond Markets Using Securitization and Credit Guarantees.- Contemporary Markets for Asian Debt Capital Market Instruments.- The Role of Reform.- Institutional Reform and Economic Development.- Reforming China's Bond Markets: Development prospects and the effects of corporate behavior.- Improving the Policy Environment for Private Sector Participation in the Development of Local Currency and Regional Bond Markets in APEC: Report of a financial sector survey.- Strategies for Development.- Essential Changes in National Law and Regulation: Impediments to cross-border investment in Asian bond markets.- Policy Concerns and the Value of Regional Markets.- Promoting Market Development with Structured Finance and Regional Credit Enhancement.- Building a Settlement Infrastructure for the Asian Bond Markets: Asiasettle.
This volume comprises studies by leading research scholars in the United States and Asia on Asia's debt capital markets. The book is unique in drawing upon the research, experience and perspectives of experts from the academic, legal, governmental and practical investment fields. They assess the risks and opportunities, and strategies for developing these markets. The authors adopt a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing economics, finance and law.

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