Information Systems Development: Advances in Theory, Practice, and Education

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Olegas Vasilecas
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Addresses the current issues associated with Information Systems Development (ISD)
Preface.- System Co-Development Through Requirements Specification.- Information Systems as a Design Science.- Information Systems Development (ISD): Past, Present, Future Trends.- Cars of the Future: Computers as the Wheel.- Integrating Enterprise and IS Development Using a Model Driven Approach.- Issues in Information Systems Education: Capitalizing on Recent Advances in Learning Theory.- XML in the World of (Object-)Relational Database Systems.- Towards a Privacy Framework for Information Systems Development.- Is Development as the Mutual Adaptation of Technology and Business Process.- Rethinking ISD Methods: Fitting Project Team Members Profiles.- Pre-Requisites for Successful Adoption of the ASP Model by User Organization.- ISD as Knowledge Work: An Analysis of How a Development Method is Used in Practice.- Customizing Traceability in a Software Development Process.- Agent-Oriented Information Systems Development Using Open and the Agent Factory.- Motivation and Job Satisfaction Among Information Systems Developers: Perspectives from Finland, Nigeria, and Estonia: A Preliminary Study.- A Combined Neural Network and Decision Tree Approach for Text Categorization.- Working with Methods: Observations on the Role of Methods in Systems Development.- JMining: Information Delivery Web Portal Architecture and Open Source Implementation.- Conceptual Framework for Integration of Multiagent and Knowledge Management Techniques in Intelligent Tutoring Systems.- Combining Simulation Models with the Information System for an Operative Control of the Oil Terminal.- Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design Using Activity Based Costing.- On Coding and Codebooks in Multimedia Information Systems.- Linking and Propagating Business Rule Changes to IS Design.- Using Enterprise Modeling for Identification and Resolution of Homonym Conflicts in View Integration.- A Critical Review of Challenges in Hypermedia Systems Development.- Transformations of UML Diagrams for Reconciliation of Requirements.- From Use Cases to Well-Structured Conceptual Schemas.- A Model of Information Systems Development for Learning Virtual Organizations.- Survey of Requirements Engineering Practice in Lithuanian Software Development Companies.- Functionality of Information Systems Specification Language: Concept, Evaluation Methodology, and Evaluation Problems.- Temporal Semantic Abstraction Based on Layered Multimedia Data Model.- New Methods for Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Dublin Core Metadata Standard Using Complex Encoding Schemes.- From Analog Information to Digital Databases: Does it Keep Everything Intact?.- Model and Knowledge Management in Distributed Development: Agreement-Based Approach.- Renaissance of Business Process Modeling.- Does the Perceived Quality of an Electronic Grocery Store Explain the Buying Behavior of its Customers?.- Ontology-Based Decision Support System for Crime Investigation Processes.- Variation in Students' Conceptions of Object-Oriented Information System Development.- End-User Computing in Banking Industry.- Working with Alternative Development Life Cycles: A Multiproject Experiment.- A Model for a Method Adaptation Process.- On the Use of Information Systems Research Methods in Data Mining.- Filling the Knowledge Management Sandwich: An Exploratory Study of Complex Work Environment.- Determining an Appropriate Approach to the Implementation of a WFMS.- Addressing Tacit Knowledge in ISD Methodologies.- Author Infex.
- volved. New concepts and approaches emerge in research as well as in practice.

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