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Consumers, Policy and the Environment A Tribute to Folke Ölander

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"The role of the consumer has changed from seeking the most satisfaction from goods and services to reconciling consumption with active citizenship, which links consumption to modern social issues such as environmental protection, sound business ethics, and fair working conditions. Understanding consumers - the way they buy products, the way they relate to questions of environmental importance, and the way they participate in public policy formulation processes - is of vital importance to modern society. In this book, eminent researchers examine contemporary issues related to the field of consumers, policy, and the environment. TOC:Consumer psychology.- The changing relationship between consumer and environmental policy.- The consumer image over the centuries.- The personality roots of saving.- Compulsive buying as a consumer policy issue in East and West Germany.- Consumer research enters the 1960s legislative arena.- Consumers as citizens.- Patterns of interests and strategies for consumer policy.- Environmentally co-responsible consumer behaviour and political consumerism.- Peripheral cues in advertising and consumer policy.- Marketing: A consumer disaster?- Do better companies provide better products?- Market transparency via the internet.- Investigations of the consumer psychology of near-money.- In the eye of the beholder: Danish consumer-citizens and sustainability.- Sustainability, consumer sovereignty, and the concept of the market.- Main effects and side effects of environmental regulation.- The role of consumers in environmental successes."
Consumer Psychology: Not Necessarily a Manipulative Science.- The Changing Relationship between Consumer and Environmental Policy: Analyzing JCP's Quarter Century of Coverage.- The Consumer Image over the Centuries.- The Personality Roots of Saving - Uncovered from German and Dutch Surveys.- Compulsive Buying as a Consumer Policy Issue in East and West Germany.- Consumer Research Enters the 1960s Legislative Arena: A Participant-Observer Report on the Role of Behavioral Research in the U.S. Congressional Hearings on the "Truth Bills".- Consumers as Citizens - Three Approaches to Collective Consumer Problems.- Patterns of Interests and Strategies for Consumer Policy.- Environmentally Co-Responsible Consumer Behaviour and Political Consumerism.- Peripheral Cues in Advertising and Consumer Policy.- Marketing: A Consumer Disaster?.- Do Better Companies Provide Better Products?.- Market Transparency via the Internet - A New Challenge for Consumer Policy.- Investigations of the Consumer Psychology of Near-Money.- In the Eye of the Beholder: Danish Consumer-Citizens and Sustainability.- Sustainability, Consumer Sovereignty, and the Concept of the Market.- Main Effects and Side Effects of Environmental Regulation.- The Role of Consumers in Environmental Successes.

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