Sustainable Development, Energy and the City

A Civilisation of Concepts and Actions
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Voula P. Mega
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No progress towards sustainable development is possible without the participation of informed and aware citizens and decision-makers. This book examines a dynamic sector - energy - and a space - city - that are critical for sustainability. Urban energy systems are capital intensive and have long lives. Immediate change is difficult, but innovation is crucial for progress toward more intelligent systems. Here is an informative guide for decision makers and citizens alike.
This book provides unspecialized decision-makers, citizens, students and policy-makers of the future with significant information about a dynamic sector: energy - and a space: city - that are both critical for sustainability. Progress towards sustainable development is impossible without the active participation of informed and aware citizens and decision-makers. Cities and the energy field are now on the verge of dramatic changes. Immediate change is difficult and innovation is crucial if inefficient patterns are to be transformed into intelligent systems.
Table Of Contents Preface
Introduction: Sustainable Development, Energy And The City: The Essence Of A Civilisation
Chapter 1: Cities In The Civilisation Of Sustainability
1. World Cities And Demographic Dynamics
2. Europe, An Urban Archipelago
3. The Challenge Of Sustainability
4. Innovation, Sine Qua Non Condition For Sustainability
5. Sustainability Indicators-Revelators For Cities
Chapter 2: The Resourceful City And The Energy Criterion
1. The Ecological City
2. Eco-Efficiency, Eco-Design, Eco-Auditing
3. Energy And The Built Environment
4. The Battle Of Climate Change
5. Urban Soil, Water And Air
6. Sustainable Waste Management
7. Mobility And Accessibility
Chapter 3: Energy Patterns, Models And Ethics
1. Energy Production And Consumption Patterns
2. Cleaner Energies And Technologies
3. Renewable Energy Sources
4. Nuclear Fission And Fusion
5. Energy Ethics: For A Science With Conscience
6. Challenges For New And Candidate EU Member States
7. Challenges For Developing Countries
Chapter 4: Energy Policy, Security And The Market
1. Energy Policy And Security In The EU
2. EU Energy Market And Liberalisation
3. International Energy Flows
4. Traditional Technologies And Markets
5. Renewable Energy Systems And The Market
Chapter 5: Towards Brighter Energy Futures
1. Prospects For Traditional Fuels And Technologies
2. Potential Of Renewable Forms Of Energy
2.1 Wind energy
2.2 Solar energy
2.3 Biomass and biofuels
2.4 Fuel cells
2.5 Hydrogen
2.6 Other renewable energy sources
3. Harnessing The Potential Of Nuclear Energy
4. Prospects For Fusion Energy
5. Outlooks And Scenarios For The Energy Future
Chapter 6: The Socio-Economic Vitality Of Cities
1. Urban Economy And Competitiveness
2. Employment, The Achilles' Heel Of Cities?
3. Solidarity And Social Justice
4. Harmony, HealthAnd Safety In Cities
5. Housing, Second Only To Employment
6. Periphery: At The Edge Of Cities
Chapter 7: The Cultural Energy Of Cities
1. Culture And Heritage
2. Public Spaces And Landmarks
3. Symbolic And Structural Projects
4. Urban Renaissance
Chapter 8: Towards Brighter Urban Futures
1. Governance And Citizenship
2. 'City Is Built Politics'
3. Compact, Mixed And Diverse Cities
4. Green And Grey Parks
5. Sustainable Regeneration
6. Regional Policy And Strategic Planning
7. Institutional Architecture And Civic Alliances
Postface: The EU Research Agenda On Sustainable Development
Bibliographic Orientation
Sustainable Development, Energy @ The City: Selected Web Sites
Annex: Towards A Meaningful Set Of Urban Indicators

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