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The Construction of New Mathematical Knowledge in Classroom Interaction

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Heinz Steinbring
Mathematics Education Library
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"The Construction of New Mathematical Knowledge in Classroom Interaction deals with the very specific characteristics of mathematical communication in the classroom. The general research question of this book is: How can everyday mathematics teaching be described, understood and developed as a teaching and learning environment in which the students gain mathematical insights and increasing mathematical competence by means of the teacher's initiatives, offers and challenges? How can the 'quality' of mathematics teaching be realized and appropriately described? And the following more specific research question is investigated: How is new mathematical knowledge interactively constructed in a typical instructional communication among students together with the teacher? In order to answer this question, an attempt is made to enter as in-depth as possible under the surface of the visible phenomena of the observable everyday teaching events. In order to do so, theoretical views about mathematical knowledge and communication are elaborated.
Acknowledgements.- Preface.- General overview of the book.- overview of the first chapter.- Chapter I. Theoretical Background and Starting Point. Overview of the Second Chapter.- Chapter II. The Theoretical Research Question.- Overview of the Third Chapter.- Chapter III. Epistemology-Oriented Analyses of Mathematical Interactions. Overview of the Fourth Chapter.- Chapter IV. Epistemological and Communicational Conditions of Interactive Mathematical Knowledge Constructions. Looking Back.- References.- Subject Index.- Index of Names.

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