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Experimental Business Research

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"Volume II and III of Experimental Business Research include original papers that were presented at the Second Asian Conference on Experimental Business Research held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on December 16-19, 2003. The conference was organized by the Center for Experimental Business Research (cEBR) at HKUST and was chaired by Professors Amnon Rapoport and Rami Zwick.
Chapter 1. The Rationality of Consumer Decisions to Adopt and Utilize Product-Attribute Enhancements: Why Are We Lured by Product Features We Never Use? Shenghui Zhao, Robert J. Meyer and Jin Han
Chapter 2. A Behavioral Accounting Study of Strategic Interaction in a Tax Compliance Game, Chung K. Kim and William S. Waller
Chapter 3. Information Distribution and Attitudes Toward Risk in an Experimental Market of Risky Assets, David Bodoff, Hugo Levevq and Hongtao Zhang
Chapter 4. Effects of Idiosyncratic Investments in Collaborative Networks: An Experimental Analysis, Wilfred Amaldoss and Amnon Rapoport
Chapter 5. The Cognitive Illusion Controversy: A Methodological Debate in Disguise that Matters to Economists, Ralph Hertwig and Andreas Ortmann
Chapter 6. Exploring Ellsberg's Paradox in Vague-Vague Cases, Karen M. Kramer and David V. Budescu
Chapter 7. Overweighing Recent Observations: Experimental Results and Economic Implications, Haim Levy and Moshe Levy
Chapter 8. Cognition in Spatial Dispersion Games, Andreas Blume, Douglas V. DeJong and Michael Maier
Chapter 9. Cognitive Hierarchy: A Limited Thinking Theory in Games, Juin-Kuan Chong, Colin F. Camerer and Teck-Hua Ho
Chapter 10. Partition Dependence in Decision Analysis, Resource Allocation and Consumer Choice, Craig R. Fox, David Bardolet and Daniel Lieb
Chapter 11. Gender & Coordination, Martin Dufwenberg and Uri Gneezy
Chapter 12. Updating the Reference Level: Experimental Evidence, Uri Gneezy
Chapter 13. Supply Chain Management: A Teaching Experiment, Rachel Croson, Karen Donohue, Elena Katok and John Sterman
Chapter 14. Experiment-Based Exams and the Difference between the Behavioral and the Natural Sciences, Ido Erev and Re'ut Livne-Tarandach

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