Managing Cyber Threats: Issues, Approaches, and Challenges

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Vipin Kumar
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5, Massive Computing

Modern society depends critically on computers that control and manage the systems on which we depend in many aspects of our daily lives. While this provides conveniences of a level unimaginable just a few years ago, it also leaves us vulnerable to attacks on the computers managing these systems. In recent times the explosion in cyber attacks, including viruses, worms, and intrusions, has turned this vulnerability into a clear and visible threat. Due to the escalating number and increased sophistication of cyber attacks, it has become important to develop a broad range of techniques, which can ensure that the information infrastructure continues to operate smoothly, even in the presence of dire and continuous threats.
Provides a good blend of in-depth surveys and details of specific technologies from the academic and industrial world.
Overview.- Managing Threats to Web Databases and Cyber Systems.- Intrusion Detection: A Survey.- Data Mining Based Analysis of Computer Attacks.- Learning Rules and Clusters for Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic.- Statistical Causality Analysis of Infosec Alert Data.- Understanding Network Security Data: Using Aggregation, Anomaly Detection, and Cluster Analysis for Summarization.- Techniques for Managing Cyber Vulnerabilities and Alerts.- Early Detection of Active Internet Worms.- Sensor Families for Intrusion Detection Infrastructures.- Encapsulation of User's Intent: A New Proactive Intrusion Assessment Paradigm.- Topological Analysis of Network Attack Vulnerability.- Analyzing Survivable Computation in Critical Infrastructures.- Alert Management Systems: A Quick Introduction.- Cyber Forensics.- Cyber Forensics: Managing, Modeling, and Mining Data for Investigation.- Cyber Forensics: Issues and Approaches.

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