Genome Exploitation

Data Mining the Genome
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J. Perry Gustafson
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Comprises one of the few times that researchers in both plants and animals have worked together to create a seminal data resource
Rice Genome Sequencing and Data Mining Resources .- Application of Evolutionary Computation to Bioinformatics.- Architectures for Integration of Data and Applications: Lessons from Integration Projects.- Functional Genomics Approach to Elucidate the Regulation of Vascular Development in Poplar.- Novel Tools for Plant Genome Annotation and Applications to Arabidopsis and Rice.- FCModeler: Dynamic Graph Display and Fuzzy Modeling of Metabolic Maps.- Old Methods for New Ideas: Genetic Dissections of The Determinants of Gene Expression Levels.- Charting Contig-Component Relationships Within the Triticeae: Exploiting the Genome.- Protein Family Classification with Discriminant Function Analysis.- Exploiting Natural Variation to Understand Gene Function in Pine.- Merging Analyses of Predisposition and Physiology Towards Polygene Discovery.- Mining the EST Databases to Determine Evolutionary Events in the Legumes and Grasses.- A Biologist's View of Systems Integration Systems Biology: The Pathogen Portal Project.- Alignment of Wheat and Rice Structural Genomics Resources.- Computational Identification of Legume-Specific Genes.- Poster Abstracts: Brahms and Beergenes: Information Management for Genetic Research on Barley and Oat.- Microcolinearity in the Allotetraploid Dossypium Hirsutum.- Determining the Chromosomal Location of the Wheat Leaf Rust Resistance Gene Lrw1.- Characterization of EST Libraries from Drought-Stressed Leaves and Penetrated Roots of Rice.- The Phylogenetic Utility of N-Length DNA Strings in Plants.- Telocentrics as a Breeding Tool in Wheat.- Comparative DNA Sequence Analysis of Wheat and Rice Genomes.- Marker Assisted Backcrossing: Some Lessons from Simulation.- CeregenedB: A Database of Coding Sequence Conservation Between Rice and Nonrice Cereals, and Arabidopsis.- Index.
Genome Exploitation: Data Mining the Genome is developed from the 23rd Stadler Genetic Symposium. This volume discusses and illustrates how scientists are going to characterize and make use of the massive amount of information being accumulated about the plant and animal genomes. Genome Exploitation: Data Mining the Genome is a state-of-the-art picture on mining the Genome databases. This is one of the few times that researchers in both plants and animals will be working together to create a seminal data resource.

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