High Performance Computational Science and Engineering

IFIP TC5 Workshop on High Performance Computational Science and Engineering (HPCSE), World Computer Congress, August 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, France
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Michael K. Ng
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172, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Proceedings of the International Symposium on High Performance Computational Science and Engineering 2004 (IFIP World Computer Congress) is an essential reference for both academic and professional researchers in the field of computational science and engineering.Computational Science and Engineering is increasingly becoming an emerging and promising discipline in shaping future research and development activities in academia and industry ranging from engineering, science, finance, economics, arts and humanitarian fields. New challenges are in modeling of complex systems, sophisticated algorithms, advanced scientific and engineering computing, and associated (multi-disciplinary) problem solving environments. The papers presented in this volume are specially selected to address the most up-to-date ideas, results, work-in-progress and research experience in the area of high performance computational techniques for science and engineering applications.This state-of-the-are volume presents the proceedings of the International Symposium on High Performance Computational Science and Engineering, held in conjunction with the IFIP World Computer Congress, August 2004, in Toulouse, France.The collection will be important not only for computational science and engineering experts and researchers but for all teachers and administrators interested in high performance computational techniques.
Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras
Keynote Talk.- Exploiting Multiple Levels of Parallelism in Scientific Computing.- Distributed Computing.- A Sparse Distributed Memory Capable of Handling Small Cues, SDMSCue.- Towards a Realistic Performance Model for Networks of Heterogeneous Computers.- Extending Clustersim with MP And DSM Modules.- Rendering Complex Scenes on Clusters with Limited Precomputation.- Numerical Computations.- Evaluation of Parallel Aggregate Creation Orders: Smoothed Aggregation Algebraic Multigrid Method.- Pinpointing the Real Zeros of Analytic Functions.- Reducing Overhead in Sparse Hypermatrix Cholesky Factorization.- Computational Applications.- Parallel Image Analysis of Morphological Yeast Cells.- An Hybrid Approach to Real Complex System Optimization.- Optimal Decision Making for Airline Inventory Control.- Automatic Text Classification Using an Artificial Neural Network.

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