Technology Enhanced Learning

IFIP TC3 Technology Enhanced Learning Workshop (Tel'04), World Computer Congress, August 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, France
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Jean-Pierre Courtiat
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171, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Technology Enhanced Learning is an essential reference for both academic and professional researchers in the field of institutional and home education.Technology Enhanced Learning (TeL) has provided tools and infrastructure to education and training disciplines for over a decade. The papers presented in this volume cover research issues including pedagogical and evaluation theories, integrated learning environments, e-learning experiments, trials and overall results from actual TeL deployment.This state-of-the-art volume contains a compilation of select papers presented during the Technology Enhanced Learning (TeL) workshop co-located with the World Computer Congress, August 2004, in Toulouse, France.
Results delivered in this book constitue a roadmap of the current trends on innovation technologies and methodologies for learning
E-Laboratories from Theory to Practice.- The Lab@Future Project.- Virtual Laboratories in Education.- E-Learning Evaluation and Usability.- Clustering Students to Help Evaluate Learning.- Issues on School E-Laboratories in Science Teaching.- Computer-Automated Testing: An Evaluation of Student Performance.- A Model For Designing and Evaluating Teacher Training Programs in Technology Education.- New Generation Technologies at School.- The Project "Lab of Tomorrow".- Colab: A Platform Design for Collaborative Learning in Virtual Laboratories.- Web-Based Computer Visual Simulator.- Computer Supported Ubiquitous Learning Environment for Vocabulary Learning Using RFID Tags.- E-Laboratories Experiments.- User Adaptation in E-Learning Environments.- Mirto: A New Approach for Call Systems.- Using Learning Theories for Education on the Web.- A Look at the Learning Process in Remote Laboratory.- Fast Abstracts.- Ambient Learning.- The Eudoxos Project.- Using Multimedia in E-Learning, a New Role for Teachers?.- A Connectionist Approach for Adaptive Lesson.

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