Computer Security in the 21st Century

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D. T. Lee
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Computer Security in the 21st Century shares some of the emerging important research trends reflected in recent advances in computer security, including: security protocol design, secure peer-to-peer and ad hoc networks, multimedia security, and intrusion detection, defense and measurement.

Highlights include presentations of :

- Fundamental new security

- Cryptographic protocols and design,

- A new way of measuring network vulnerability: attack surfaces,

- Network vulnerability and building impenetrable systems,

- Multimedia content protection including a new standard for photographic images, JPEG2000.

Researchers and computer security developers will find in this book interesting and useful insights into building computer systems that protect against computer worms, computer viruses, and other related concerns.
Computer security has opened a variety of new frontiers in the new millennium. This book explores the spectrum of newlyemerging areas in security, in topics ranging over privacy, intellectual property protection, communications, operating system design, programming languages and security, and mobile security. It includes contributions from an international collection of both experienced and young researchers in computer security. The book will be useful to computer network security professionals and researchers.
INTRODUCTION, D. T. Lee, S. P. Shieh, J. D. Tygar. -PART I: SECURITY PROTOCOL DESIGN. -Challenges in Protocol Design and Analysis, Dieter Gollmann. --Private Matching,Yaping Li, J. D. Tygar, Joseph M. Hellerstein. -Authentication Protocol Analysis, Jonathan Millen. -Self-certified Approach for Authenticated Key Agreement, Tzong-Chen Wu, Yen-Ching Lin. -PART II P2P AND AD HOC NETWORKS. -Experimenting with Admission Control in P2P Networks, Nitesh Saxena, Gene Tsudik, Jeong Hyun Yi -Adaptive Random Key Distribution Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks, Shih-I Huang, Shiuhpyng Shieh, S.Y. Wu. -PART III INTRUSION DETECTION, DEFENSE, MEASUREMENT. -Measuring Relative Attack Surfaces, Michael Howard, Jon Pincus, Jeannette M. Wing. -A Modeling of Intrusion Detection Systems with Identification Capability, Pei-Te Chen, Benjamin Tseng, Chi-Sung Laih. -A Source-End Defense System against DDoS Attacks, Fu-Yuan Lee, Shiuhpyng Shieh, JuiTing Shieh, Sheng-Hsuan Wang. -BEAGLE: Tracking System Failures for Reproducing Security Faults, Chang-Hsien Tsai, Shih-Hung Liu, Shuen-Wen Huang, Shih-Kun Huang, Deron Liang. -Part IV MULTIMEDIA SECURITY. -Web Application Security-Past, Present, and Future, Yao-Wen Huang, D. T. Lee. -Securing JPEG2000 CodeStreams, Robert H. Deng, Yongdong Wu, Di Ma. -A Secret Information Hiding Scheme Based on Switching Tree Coding, Chin-Chen Chang, Tzu-Chuen Lu, Yi-Long Liu .

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