Handbook of Urban Health: Populations, Methods, and Practice

Sandro Galea
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The editors are two of the most prominent researchers in this area. Both are at the Center for Urban Epidemiologic Studies. David Vlahov is particularly visible and known as the editor of the Journal of Urban Health. Sandro Galea is very prominent for his research on urban health; in particularly, research done on PTSD and children post-9/11.
Thorough analysis of different populations in urban settings and specific health considerations
An introduction to urban health 1. Urban Health: Population, methods, and practice Sandro Galea David Vlahov Section I: Populations 2. Homeless people Stephen W. Hwang James R. Dunn 3. Health of economically deprived populations in cities Patricia O'Campo Michael Yonas 4. Racial/ethnic minority and health: the role of the urban environment Luisa N. Borrell Stephani L. Hatch 5. Sexual minority groups and urban health Ruth Finkelstein Julie Netherland 6. Health and health access among urban immigrants Sana Loue Nancy Mendez 7. The urban environment, drug use, and health Danielle Ompad Crystal Fuller 8. The health of children in cities M. Chris Gibbons Vijay Singh Kisha Braithwaite Bernard Guyer 9. Older adults: Guardians of our cities Linda Fried Jeremy Barron 10. The health of urban populations in developing countries: an
overview Mark R. Montgomery Alex C. Ezeh 11. Perspectives on the health of urban populations in Nepal Tej Kumar Karki 12. Integrative chapter: The health of urban populations The Editors Section II: Methods 13. An anthropological perspective on urban health Frances K. Barg Jane Kauer 14. Epidemiology and urban health research Sandro Galea David Vlahov 15. Design and analysis of group (or neighborhood) level urban
studies Donald Hoover 16. Health services research in the city Michael K. Gusmano Victor G. Rodwin 17. Urban health in developing countries:insights from demographic
theory and practice Mark R. Montgomery Alex C. Ezeh 18. Urban sociology and research methods on neighborhoods and
health Joseph A. Soares 19. Bridging the gap between urban health and urban planning Marlon G. Boarnet Lois M. Takahashi 20. Environmental health studies: Environmental health methods for
urban health Jonathan M. Samet Joseph H. Abraham 21. Cost-effectiveness analysis for urban health research Ahmed M. Bayoumi 22. Integrative chapter: Multi-disciplinary work and the study of urban
health The Editors Section III: Practice 23. Building healthy cities: A focus on interventions Jan C. Semenza 24. Building healthy cities: The World Health Organization
perspective Roderick J. Lawrence 25. Building healthy cities: Legal frameworks and considerations Wendy C. Perdue 26. Teaching urban health Nicholas Freudenberg Susan Klitzman 27. Strategies that promote health in cities: A local health
department's perspective Mary T. Bassett Thomas R. Frieden Deborah R. Deitcher Thomas D. Matte 28. Providing health services to marginalized urban populations Anita Palepu Mark W. Tyndall 29. Integrative chapter: Teaching and practice for promoting health
in cities The Editors
This book challenges readers to consider the role that cities play in shaping population health and to generate solutions that can make cities healthier places for all those who live in them.

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